How much more money will your next job get you?

Have you ever wondered what your life might be like if you were able to fast-forward to your next big career move? We at Michael Page know that feeling, and that’s why we’ve teamed up with LJ Hooker to help you get a glimpse of your own possible future. Scroll down and get started to find out what your salary could get you.


Tell us your current job, salary, most important expenses and what your ideal next step would be. We'll do some clever maths to let you know how much additional money you'll have to spend on the things that matter most to you if you secure your promotion

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Where do you currently live?

How much do you spend per month on your rent or mortgage?

What is your gross salary?

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Based on our calculations about (X job) in (X city) after living expenses you'd have

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left over each year for spending

* This figure represents the amount of disposable income remaining after deducting average housing costs and your current salary from the average salary you'd receive in the next career you selected. Calculations are based on ATO data and LJ Hooker/CoreLogic Data.

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What your spare cash could get you

  • Three round the world trips

  • A cruise to Alaska

  • Climbing Kilimanjaro

  • Fortnightly sessions at the groomer's

  • Entries for your whole litter into the national dog show

  • Five new pedigree lorikeets

  • Five whole pigs to raise yourself

  • A home curing kit

  • A monthly donation to the freedom farming organisation of your choice

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More bacon


More travel


More pets

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