Starting a new contracting role? How to fit into a new team fast

By | 23 Aug 2016
Contractors need to be able to hit the ground running. With less time to ramp up into your role, how can you quickly begin to fit in with your colleagues and the office at large?

Michael Page HR thought leadership series: leadership insights

By | 23 Aug 2016
Michael Page Human Resources is an active part of the HR community, and has been committed to providing a forum for HR professionals to come together with their peers and share knowledge.

7 smart ways to add value as a contractor

By | 16 Aug 2016
Concrete methods to impress any business you contract for—and leverage positions to gain further contracts and clients.

Disruptive technology - what will be the impact on your industry?

By | 15 Aug 2016
Disruptive technologies have led to the collapse of entire industries while also creating brand new ones. How will your industry be impacted by these four disruptive technologies?

I need a retail hero! Why Australian retailers should take greater risks with their high potential managers

By | 09 Aug 2016
Where have all the good retail managers gone? James Jennings believes that there is abundant retail talent in Australia, but what are we doing to develop them?

Blurring the friendship boundaries at work

By | 09 Aug 2016
When you spend so much of your life at work it is extremely important to forge strong relationships. These are what help make sure you get the most out of your day and work efficiently. But just how far should these relationships go?

Retaining your tech staff: five tips to help you keep top talent

By | 02 Aug 2016
With tech professionals in such demand, how do you ensure you keep the best of them on your payroll?

How to set realistic deadlines at work and meet them

By | 02 Aug 2016
We often set ourselves unrealistic deadlines – when we would actually garner more respect if we were up front and honest about the time it takes to complete a task. Find out how.

How contractors are changing the face of modern employment

By | 26 Jul 2016
More and more companies are hiring contract workers. Here is a breakdown of the impacts of the contract workers and what that might mean for your company.

5 tips for construction professionals looking for their next career move

By | 25 Jul 2016
With more than 100 tower cranes currently marking the Brisbane skyline, it’s easy to see that despite the lack of long-term confidence, the construction sector is currently experiencing its busiest period in recent memory. Here are five top tips to help guide construction professionals with their next career move.