The New Year is well underway and you have started back at work with the best of intentions. But even though we're only two-thirds of the way through January, you may already be feeling restless, especially if little has changed in your role since the end of last year.
But don’t be disheartened! Now is the perfect time to start thinking about what your next career move should be. So where do you start? 
The first thing to consider is what kind of change you want to make.  Perhaps you want to progress up the ladder, for example, moving from operations into a management role, or becoming more specialised in your function. Or maybe you want to change career completely and make a fresh start in a new industry.  Depending on what you want, you'll need to consider different factors to ensure you make a move that makes you happy.
While most people consider their next career move based on money or job title, at the end of the day we all work to fund the things we want out of life.  Looking at your next career move in terms of how it will help you get what you want out of life can be a good tactic when trying to weigh your options. When you see how your job directly results in getting more of what you want, it can increase your motivation, engagement and help you clearly see the best option.
While salary isn't the only thing to consider, money is the overriding factor that allows you to do the things you want to do and have the accoutrements of life you desire, so you need to know what your potential next career move will pay you. It’s worth thinking about:
  • If you move industries, how will that affect your salary? Especially if you need to take a step-back in terms of seniority to make a move.
  • If you move states, how much more – or less – will you have to spend?
  • What is the earning potential of more senior roles in your current function?
To help you see what impact your next career move could have, we've created a fun, interactive salary tool that can help you see what your salary would get you in different locations, and how much money you'd have leftover to spend on the things you want more of, whether your preference is travel, fashion or even bacon!
While we can’t guarantee you'll find a role in market that offers you everything you want, in your preferred location, Michael Page can certainly help you explore the opportunities that are out there and make a considered decision that takes into account your aspirations, your preferred work-life balance and the salary you're seeking.
Try our interactive salary tool or speak with a Michael Page consultant to find your next opportunity.
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