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Career advice

Ask any successful business person how they landed their first role and almost no two stories will be the same. The progression from formal education into the workplace is often unique for each person thanks to the hugely diverse array of jobs in various fields, as well as the fact that tertiary study does not always translate into set positions in the industry. These factors can make career advice less than straightforward, but it does hold true that certain tips and guidelines will always help you move into a role you covet.

If anyone can help with career guidance, it’s those that work in the industry of matching people with their next jobs every single day. At Michael Page, we can offer you useful and actionable tips regardless of whether you’re just starting out on your first job hunt or are looking to make a change after decades in the industry.

The articles, news, guides, and tips on this page offer an in-depth store of tools that can help you with your career goals. Each piece of content is created with real-world knowledge in mind, as well as an understanding of the current job market.

For those who are looking for more specific knowledge or personalised advice, our recruiters are always happy to listen to your queries and use their up-to-date information and experience to give you the most useful advice for your situation. Our experts are well versed in a range of industries and at all levels of employment, so can help you with your career development regardless of your field.

When you’re ready to begin your career planning, browse the topics below for top career advice from the experts, then get in touch with us so we can help you put that advice into action.