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    Uncover how workers really feel about salaries, company culture and the impact of gen AI on their careers. Discover the Expectation Gap between employees and employers, and learn how to bridge it effectively.

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    Global wage growth, initially rapid post-pandemic, is now decelerating. Yet, worker demands for higher salaries persist. Are raises feasible?

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    Work-life balance is not a ‘nice to have’, but a ‘need to have’. Employees are also voicing concerns over inclusivity and discrimination. How can businesses foster a culture that accommodates everyone?

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    Gen AI

    While speculation abounds regarding gen AI's future role in reshaping industries, its current impact is undeniable. Is uncertainty over new technology causing tension?

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    Sharmini Wainwright

    Senior Managing Director 
    NSW & QLD, PageGroup

    An Expectation Gap has emerged in the workplace, presenting significant implications if you are looking to hire or retain talent.

    While workers’ demands are expanding beyond competitive salaries and flexibility, their employers are facing multiple pressures in a rapidly evolving business environment.

    How can both sides meet in the middle?

  • Michael Page Talent Trends 2024

    Welcome to our Talent Trends 2024 study, presented by PageGroup’s talent intelligence and insights experts, Page Insights.

    Talent Trends is our annual global survey of skilled professionals. We aim to provide data-driven analysis and actionable insights into the job market, ultimately helping our customers shape their people strategies.

    Whilst our 2023 survey uncovered a significant shift in the world of work, which we called The Invisible Revolution, the situation has evolved again for 2024.

    On the one hand, workers have a growing list of expectations that extend beyond competitive salaries and flexibility. On the other, employers are facing significant pressures in a rapidly evolving business environment, making it harder for both sides to meet in the middle.

    Finding people strategies that work for all is becoming more of a challenge - something we call 'The Expectation Gap’.

    You can explore what this means for your business in the content available on this page, where we outline the global story, drill down into the local picture in your market, and allow you to view our data your way with our interactive tool.