Finding a new job can seem like a mammoth task: perfecting that resume, scanning career websites, joining LinkedIn groups and networking, and then finding open opportunities to match your skillset. What if technology could do part of the heavy lifting for you?

Enter Job Match, a new tool that makes your job search more efficient by matching your CV with relevant Michael Page job openings. About 1 in 2 job seekers who use the Job Match tool go on to apply for a role, which has the capability to improve your search in the following ways.

Reduction in research time

Job Match can reduce the overall time spent researching new opportunities. Using artificial intelligence and natural language processing, keywords, skills and locations from your CV are analysed. Those keywords are then matched with open job opportunities using semantic search technology – much like how the Google search engine works - and the most relevant jobs are shown to you. This means that you’ll immediately see the jobs that best fit your profile, saving you time.

Increase in job compatibility

Online job searches can often involve running multiple keyword searches to narrow down job results or going through complicated search filters to find the right functions, sectors and industries to ensure you get results that are compatible with your profile.

Job Match streamlines this process and helps you quickly find new and highly compatible opportunities based on your work experience, skills, salary and interests. Simply upload a PDF, TEXT or Word version of your CV or select the option to login with your LinkedIn profile. You can also use Dropbox or Google Drive to access and upload your CV.

After quickly assessing your skills and experience, the tool combs through Michael Page’s extensive database of vacancies to find the right jobs in prime locations that match your requirements perfectly. You will then be taken to your results within seconds, showing all the relevant compatible open job opportunities.

Use the Job Match results to set up continuous job alerts. When you sign up, you will receive email alerts about other relevant jobs as they are posted, keeping your job search up to date.

Results in real-time

To make things simple, the Job Match tool has a colour-coded system of green, amber and red which allows you to understand at one glance which jobs fit your skillset and experience best.

Once you’ve got your results, you are able to further narrow down your results by sector, industry, type of contract and salary.

Artificial Intelligence equals efficiency

Finding that perfect job is time consuming, but artificial intelligence can help with the process. With the time-saving features, you can then shift your focus from finding relevant job openings that simply meet your technical requirements to searching for the overall right opportunity for the next step in your career.

Candidate Relevancy gauge

Job Match

Using only your CV, Job Match can find the best jobs for you.

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