Exceptional customer service is a priceless skill that can be applied to almost any role in any industry. Many customer service jobs are found in retail and hospitality, but vital positions in companies all over Australia are filled with those who have the personal skills to interact with customers in a frontline situation every day.

Michael Page is dedicated to knowing what’s happening in the customer service industry in order to best serve our job-seeking candidates, and the many leading companies around Australia who are looking for new talent.

Take a look at the current state of the customer service industry, current roles in demand, and what the future may look like for professionals in the field.

The current customer service industry in Australia

It is estimated that bad customer service costs Australian businesses as much as $4 billion every year. That’s countless instances where paying customers have walked away from a purchase due to treatment from staff. With so much at stake, employers are well aware of the importance of customer service.

In the retail space, businesses are looking to develop talent that can help create a ‘total experience’ for customers, as noted in our Salary & Employment Outlook. These professionals must be able to offer a consistent service that’s on brand for the store, and if employers are unable to find those skills within the retail space, they are looking to other industries, such as hospitality, to fill the gaps.

Future forecasts for the Australian customer service sector

While some industry insiders have predicted that customer service is a dying sector thanks to the rise of artificial intelligence and other technologies, data and surveys have strongly contested this point.

In fact, one PwC report found that 75 per cent of Australians surveyed believed that employees have a moderate to high degree of impact on their experience with a brand. This report went on to say that companies should therefore be investing in the types of technology that enables human interaction, rather than replaces it.

One common customer service role is that of a sales representative. As an example, it has been predicted by Job Outlook that growth will remain fairly stable for this position in the five years to 2022, with approximately 69,000 job openings over that time.

Current customer service roles in demand

Customer service skills never go unnoticed in any role, but there are certain positions that are often more in demand than others.

Once again in the retail space, there has been an increased demand for those working in fashion and food services. This has been the result of increasingly aware and knowledgeable customers who are asking for more from businesses, and therefore need staff to be able to answer their questions confidently.

In sales, employers are looking to hire middle management level candidates, but there is also a need for both entry-level professionals and specialists.

When you’re ready to talk about current customer service jobs in Australia, the team at Michael Page is here to chat. Contact us today to learn about available positions that suit your skills and career goals.

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