Discover how leaders can gain better engagement with their teams in the modern-day workplace with these tips.

In my 29 years in the recruitment industry, I’ve witnessed firsthand the pivotal role a leader plays in shaping a team’s engagement and success. The dynamic of this relationship is always evolving in a constantly changing business landscape. Here are some tips on how today’s leaders can elevate their engagement strategies:  

1. Continuously communicate your vision

Exceptional leaders aren’t just visionaries but architects of a shared vision. Once this vision is in place, it needs to be talked about constantly, so people remain clear and engaged on the ultimate goals. At PageGroup, we have just launched our new global vision, so we are getting plenty of practice guiding the team successfully towards our shared objectives.

2. Master active listening

Listen to understand, not just to respond. Sometimes, as leaders, we overthink and are considering what we will say in response, rather than truly listening to what someone is saying. Top leaders are not just attentive; they’re actively engaged listeners. In our fast-paced world, the ability to pause, engage, and absorb what team members communicate is crucial. 

3. Empower and develop your team’s skills

“A normal leader will use his own skills, a more adept leader will use the skills of others, but a truly talented leader will be able to inspire the skill in others.”

This drives home the point that being a good leader isn’t just about your own skills. It’s about recognising the talents of the people you work with and making the most of their abilities. That means mentoring and helping people play to their strengths, so they can be the best version of themselves, rather than someone they think they should be.  

4. Infuse purpose into work

Our own purpose is ‘PageGroup Changes Lives’. When people believe what they are doing is meaningful and valuable, they will experience great motivation in their work. Today’s leaders must put purpose at the heart of their team’s endeavours. This is especially relevant in an era where entry and mid-level professionals prioritise personal values and seek fulfilment well beyond financial rewards.  

5. Leverage technology for consistent communication

Incorporate the most relevant internal and external communication platforms to foster a more connected and collaborative work environment. Decide what works best for your business and caters to the digital-first preferences (not email!) of the modern workforce.

6. Passionately promote diversity and inclusion

Create a culture that values diverse perspectives and backgrounds. This enhances creativity and innovation and resonates with a global and socially conscious workforce.

In an ever-changing corporate landscape, the ability to adapt, connect, inspire and ultimately engage with your team is what distinguishes good leaders from great ones.

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