Anyone with a passing knowledge of banking, investing and financial services would have heard about the rise of blockchain technology in recent times. While the technology has so far been associated mainly with the introduction of bitcoin, its application has since ballooned into an entire market unto itself. Even businesses that are not typically operating within the financial space, too, are exploring blockchain’s various applications and commercial opportunities. 

The numbers are promising as well. By 2025, the global blockchain market size is expected to hit US$39.7 billion, a 13 times increase from the US$3 billion in 2020. Asia Pacific’s blockchain-related industries alone will reach US$16 billion by 2024. Even though the US is currently leading the charge when it comes to blockchain implementations, China is slated to become a world leader by the end of 2023. Jobs, too, are catching up. Since 2018, there has been a 26% increase in crypto- and blockchain-related jobs. 

With that said, despite the demand for blockchain talent, businesses are still facing some challenges on the recruitment front. We spoke to 503 managers, executives and professionals across Asia Pacific, and 42% said that there continues to be skill gaps among candidates, and 29% bemoaned a shortage of qualified talent. How, then, should businesses move forward? If your business is looking to integrate blockchain into the workflow, where are the talent — and how do you retain them? 

This is where our report, Humans of Blockchain: Innovations and hiring trends in APAC, comes in. As part of the ABCs of Technology series, the report explores the latest tech and hiring trends in blockchain, complete with insights and recommendations from blockchain leaders, hiring managers, as well as Michael Page consultants from across Asia Pacific. 

Report highlights:

  • How blockchain evolves in 2020 and beyond     
  • Top hiring trends in blockchain     
  • Insights from blockchain industry experts     
  • Tips to attract and retain blockchain talent     


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