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One thing all businesses have in common, regardless of industry or size, is the need to attract, hire, and retain great employees. The human resources department responsible for these tasks is naturally invaluable to any brand, making HR jobs extremely important throughout Australia.

A career in human resources can be hugely rewarding as you work to find the perfect match for roles and see those you deal with grow into their roles. For yourself, it’s also important to know what’s happening in the HR industry to stay on top of current trends.

Read on to learn more about the current jobs outlook for human resources positions.

The current HR industry in Australia

The role of HR is constantly changing as the workforce does, and this has recently seen more demand for contractors. In the Michael Page Salary & Employment Outlook report, as much as 60% of companies are using contractors in their regular workforce, creating a large new realm for those working in human resources in terms of finding and hiring these short-term staff.

Whether you’re job hunting in the HR sector, or looking to hire, note that both the number of advertised positions and the volume of people seeking work drops significantly over the Christmas break, yet both of these areas are at some of their highest levels of the year in January and February. 

Additionally, in this sector, in particular, companies are often up-skilling existing talent rather than hiring from outside. For example, an HR assistant may find an easier pathway to HR manager within the same company, rather than looking elsewhere.

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Future forecasts for the Australian HR sector

The future of HR jobs in Sydney and around the country is looking bright, as it is expected that there will be more jobs, and a greater range of options for HR professionals.

In total, the number of jobs for human resource professionals is expected to rise from 63,400 in 2017 to 66,600 in 2022 according to the Australian government’s Job Outlook. Due to current workers leaving and new openings, a total of 53,000 roles are estimated to open during that time.

Additionally, an HR Institute survey found that almost two-thirds of current HR managers believe that less than 10 percent of jobs in their companies will be replaced by advances in technology. A further 34 percent believed that artificial intelligence and robotics will create more jobs than they will replace, suggesting that the industry may remain strong for years to come, even as AI becomes the norm in the workplace.

HR jobs in demand around Australia

The Michael Page Salary & Employment Outlook suggests that current in-demand human resources jobs in Sydney and around Australia include HR business partners, internal recruiters, and learning and development specialists. 

Those that are hardest to fill include positions in remuneration and benefits, and in organisational development, so workers in these areas are often in a good position to negotiate for increased benefits.

Job Outlook also shows that the majority of HR jobs can be found in public administration and safety, health care and social assistance, and administrative and support services. Therefore, any upcoming or current HR professionals with an interest or experience in these areas may find it easier to land a position.

If you’re currently looking for human resources jobs in Australia, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Michael Page.

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