The information technology job market in Australia has been heating up for some time, and few are as informed and interested in these changes as the dedicated team at Michael Page.

We know that in order to best serve both our IT job candidates, and the companies for which we help to find employees, we must know what’s currently happening, and what is expected to happen throughout the industry in coming years. It’s this knowledge and commitment that makes us one of the best recruitment agencies for IT jobs in Australia.

Here are a few insights into the current IT industry, which roles are in demand, and what we expect from the next few years.

The current IT industry in Australia

The Economist Intelligence Unit has ranked Australia’s IT industry in as the fifth most competitive in the world, and the third-most competitive in the Asia-Pacific region. The same report showed that Australia ranked fourth (after Switzerland, Canada, and the US) in terms of IT infrastructure. These figures are indicative of the push towards world-leading training, talent, and opportunities in Australia.

Additionally, Austrade points out that Australia is the ideal testing ground for larger global projects, thanks to our skilled and experienced workforce, research infrastructure, and technology-hungry customers. This is part of the reason why many major international companies, including the likes of IBM and Google Maps, have used their Australian bases to develop content.

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Future forecasts for the Australian IT sector

As noted in our Salary & Employment Outlook, the technology industry has seen growth in demand for candidates in recent times, and that demand will only continue to increase. 

Job Outlook estimates that there will be approximately 44,000 new job openings for ICT managers between 2017 and 2022, fueled by both new positions and current workers leaving their posts.

The International Data Corporation (IDC) has highlighted how digital transformation will continue to disrupt the industry, and that by 2021, at least 60 per cent of Australia’s GDP will be digitized. Additionally, spending on cloud services will more than double to almost $10 billion in this time.

Should these expectations become a reality, a huge number of skilled IT workers will be required to make the shift as smooth and seamless as possible.

What IT jobs will be in demand in 2019?

It should come as no surprise that cloud architects will continue to be in demand throughout 2018 and onwards as demand for cloud-based technologies expands as a whole. Additionally, we expect more strong demand for business analysts, as these roles are required to bridge the gap between business heads and the technology department.

Austrade adds that there are opportunities in the sector in content development, technical assistance centres, and product development facilities.

Interested in the Australian IT job market? Don’t hesitate to talk to the team at Michael Page about current opportunities.


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