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At Michael Page Human Resources, we prioritise creating a space for HR professionals to share knowledge. One of our key platforms for discussing ideas, advice and knowledge is our HR director thought leadership series. These forums bring together top HR professionals to discuss a range of key HR topics, enabling a network of peers to offer solutions to the HR challenges faced in organisations today.

In a diverse and exciting profession like HR, there are many considerations behind what makes an organisation’s people do their best work. We asked the HR Thought Leaders for their insights into the big picture, case studies from their recent experience and how they’re changing their organisations for the better.

Amanda Mostyn, Group Executive HR, ASX

Amanda is committed to her work on gender diversity within the ASX. In this interview, she discusses the steps taken to address gender diversity within their organisation, which starts with identifying high performing women and nurturing their career development. She also discusses the need for sponsorship from the leadership of the organisation and the business benefits to having a more gender balanced workplace.

Debra Eckersley, Managing Partner, Human Capital, PricewaterhouseCoopers

The implementation of an organisation’s vision and values often falls to the HR team. In this insightful interview, Debra explains that vision and values must be deeply felt by the leadership team, and that being values-led creates the organisation’s culture for the future. However, just doing is not enough on its own: the reasons for living these values must be communicated.

Janine Frew, Director of Human Resources at Scentre Group

Having been through a major brand transformation with Westfield and Scentre Group, Janine talks about the challenge of creating a story around Scentre Group as a compelling corporate entity and brand. There was a major communication piece around providing clarity for employees about what would and wouldn’t change and creating a sense of excitement around the possibilities for the future. Janine also discusses the importance of a change management plan focused around retention and maintenance of engagement.

Susan Henry, Head of People & Culture at Starlight Children’s Foundation

We gained insights around staff engagement from Susan Henry, who talks about how her team ensures everyone at her organisation understands the bigger picture, knows how they fit in and how they can make a difference. She also discusses some of the key metrics that correlate positively with level of engagement within the organisation: retention, profitability, productivity and health and wellness all improve with high staff engagement.

For further insights and detail on these issues and more, watch our videos today to learn from the best in the HR industry.

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