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Western Sydney - Jobs in Parramatta

With population growth, sustainability and the future of Australia’s economy in mind, Sydney’s business leaders, politicians and decision-makers are turning to Parramatta to do much of the heavy lifting in terms of job creation and economic output in the coming years and decades. Dubbed ‘The New Central’ because of its strategic location, Parramatta will be the location of many exciting new projects spearheaded by both the public and private sectors.


The area itself, with an $8 billion injection into the CBD, vibrant cultural precinct and beautiful natural surroundings, is a dynamic, multicultural and historical part of Sydney with much to offer businesses and professionals.


The future of jobs in Parramatta

The NSW Government is in the process of moving thousands of public sector jobs to western Sydney, with Parramatta chief among the proposed sites for the new offices since it’s a key position geographically and well connected by public transport.


The government is not the only major employer looking to move to the western CBD, however: NAB recently announced that it will be consolidating its current seven Sydney locations into just two, with Parramatta being one.


Meanwhile, a new 43-storey building – a mixture of residential, office and retail space – has been approved for the corner of Macquarie and Charles streets. The building is expected to boost the local economy by $291 million.


These moves send a clear signal that Parramatta is part of long term strategies for major Sydney employers in the medium and long term.


Parramatta recruitment

With Parramatta’s highly central location – four million people live within a 30km radius – businesses choosing to base part or all of their operations there have easy access to the largest workforce in the country. With more than half of those living within 20 minutes’ walk of Parramatta station holding a bachelor’s degree or a postgraduate degree, the local workforce comprises highly educated and skilled individuals.


The Parramatta jobs experts

Michael Page has been operating in Western Sydney for over 20 years, we are strongly connected with the area and understand the unique needs of both businesses and professionals.


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