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Salary & Employment Outlook - Finance

Our annual survey of more than 2,700 clients from Australia’s major industries has revealed how the market is operating in terms of employment and salaries.

Added to our industry insights, we’ve complied a range of updates on what’s happening in finance for 2015/16, including:

  • Recruitment growth; last year saw low hiring activity in the finance sector, and while job flow is currently still reasonably low, things are expected to improve – although 68% of organisations don’t expect to grow their teams this year
  • Remuneration outlook; the majority of salary increases have remained steady at 3-5%, and 77% of survey respondents said they expect direct employees to receive a salary increase this year

Salary snapshot; as an example of what candidates can expect to earn in this sector, our reports show an accounts receivable officer in a small-medium firm in Queensland can expect to earn $50-60k, while a candidate at the same level in New South Wales could get $55-65k.

Find out more on salaries, projected growth and what roles are in high demand by downloading the complete Michael Page Finance Salary & Employment Outlook today.