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Salary & Employment Outlook – Hospitality & Leisure

Each year sees Michael Page survey employers across Australia to gather their views on current and future hiring trends.

Along with collecting information from 2,700 clients across all the major sectors, we also present our own expert commentary and detailed salary guides. Here’s our snapshot on what’s happening in hospitality and leisure:

  • Recruitment levels; hiring activity is above average in the hospitality and leisure sector across the board in Australia, with New South Wales and Victoria as the stand-out states
  • Industry outlook; the hospitality and leisure sector is generally less affected by poor economic performance, which means hiring conditions typically remain more stable than in other industries
  • With moderate economic growth expected in the second half of 2015 and into 2016, there is confidence in the sector’s stability
  • Employer sentiment; despite the sector confidence, 57% of our survey respondents don’t expect to grow their team this year, though 85% do foresee their existing direct employees receiving a salary increase

Strongest performers; mid-level experience is the most in-demand across the industry, with job candidates able to hold out for higher salaries and better roles

Find out how your career could be affected, and check out salaries by state, when you download the full Michael Page Hospitality & Leisure Salary & Employment Outlook.