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Employment & Salary Outlook - Technology

More than 2,700 clients from Australia’s major industries responded to our survey on what’s happening with hiring around the country.

We’ve added our own insights and salary snapshots to create a collection of employer sentiment reports, covering topics important for both employers and employees. In brief, here’s what we’ve found out about the technology sector:

  • Industry trends; many technology executives are looking to make a difference in their role, with an increasing number leaving the banking and finance sector to move into not-for-profit positions
  • Regional hiring forecasts; high confidence should drive some growth across Australia over the next 6-12 months, with New South Wales and Victoria boasting the current highest recruitment volumes
  • Managing risk; many risk-averse employers are hiring on fixed-term contracts and 51% of our survey respondents don’t predict they’ll increase their teams this year
  • Salary trends; remuneration increases of 3-5% remain steady, although particular skill sets may be able to demand more
  • Across the country, 68% of those we surveyed expect their direct employees to receive a pay rise this year
  • Current salary snapshot; a junior consultant’s salary will likely start at around $65k, while a development manager at a senior level can earn more than $150k

Find out where your role fits in current industry trends by downloading the full Michael Page Technology Salary & Employment Outlook.