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Salary & Employment Outlook – Marketing

We’ve compiled responses from more than 2,700 clients across the nation’s biggest industry sectors and put them together with our own expert knowledge.

Now, we present an overview of what’s happening with employment and salaries in the Australian marketing sector:

  • Regional guide; Victoria is leading the rest of Australia into stronger hiring activity for marketing roles, while Queensland is lagging behind the rest of the nation
  •  Increased confidence and a more stable economy will lead to higher budgets and potentially an increase in bonuses for workers in New South Wales and Victoria
  • Remuneration trends; those who gain a salary raise will most likely see an increase of 3-5%, however, with 53% of employers telling us they don’t expect their direct employees to receive a raise, not everyone will obtain a financial reward
  • Employment forecast; recruitment may be higher than usual over the rest of 2015 and into 2016, due to the recent tax cuts for small to medium-sized businesses

Strongest roles; mid-level roles are experiencing overwhelming levels of demand (63%) compared to other positions, with a brand manager expected to earn upwards of $100k if they have 3-5 years’ experience under their belt.

Find out more about your own salary expectations when you download the full Michael Page Marketing Salary & Employment Outlook.