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Salary & Employment Outlook – Property

We’ve released a series of employment and remuneration outlooks on every major industry in Australia. Our information has been gathered from more than 2,700 of our clients, and we’ve also contributed our own expertise and salary guides to complete the reports.

Here’s what employers, jobseekers and workers need to know about the property industry:

  • Regional snapshots; the property industry’s strength varies across Australia, with New South Wales and Victoria experiencing the highest levels of demand
  • Recruitment trends; overall, permanent headcount has increased, and 40% of our respondents have a ‘good’ level of confidence in the sector; hiring activity is expected to pick up the pace over the next 12 months as demand for property projects and business confidence rises
  • Salary forecasts; in good news for candidates and current employees, salaries are expected to increase in relation to demand over the coming year; 75% of our respondents expect their direct employees to receive a salary increase, though only 40% say the same about bonuses
  • Current remuneration outlook; a property manager with 0-3 years of experience can expect to earn $60-80k, while a facilities manager with more than seven years’ experience may receive upwards of $120k

See the full list of salaries and discover more about the property sector when you download the full Michael Page Property Salary & Employment Outlook.