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Salary & Employment Outlook – Retail

The Michael Page Retail Salary & Employment Outlook contains salary guides, employer sentiment statistics and overviews on employment within the retail sector throughout Australia.

More than 2,700 employers have contributed to our reports, and we’ve combined their opinions with our own industry insight to cover a wide range of topics affecting both employers and job seekers, including:

  • Regional hiring trends; the next 12 months will see an already strong New South Wales retail hiring sector grow even stronger, while Victoria is currently experiencing average levels of hiring activity
  • Expected hiring levels; 54% of our respondents expect to grow their teams this year, with mid-level and management positions in highest demand
  • Remuneration trends; employees in senior roles have more clout to negotiate for better remuneration packages as the executive job market looks stronger than it has been in the past
  • Current salary rates; a general manager working in apparel can expect to earn upwards of $170k with 0-3 years’ experience, though this will likely increase as 79% of those surveyed expect their direct employees to receive salary increases in the next year

Find out more about bonuses, salaries and where the sector is moving next by downloading the Michael Page Retail Salary & Employment Outlook today.