Updating your resume? Our team of recruiting professionals have created a range of resume templates to give you a competitive edge in your search for a new job.

Chronological resume

The chronological resume template is most suitable for junior to mid-level job seekers who wish to change jobs or industries. It's the most traditional style resume and suits those who may have had multiple roles in the same organisation, as well anyone with just a few jobs to list in their career history. The benefit of a chronological style resume is that employers can see your work experience to date at a quick glance.

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Skills based resume template

The skills-based mid-level resume template is most suitable for manager level job seekers who wish to change jobs or industries. It is great for highlighting to prospective employers all the skills you have developed over the course of your career, without having to include every single workplace chronologically. Go with a 'most relevant first' mindset for this one but be sure to tailor your resume to every role you apply for - what's relevant to one role might not be for another.

This resume template can also be useful for contractors who have worked across multiple industries because the focus is on skills and achievements rather than career progression, like a traditional resume.

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Executive level based resume template

The executive level resume template is most suitable for director level upwards job searchers. It puts the emphasis on what you were hired to achieve and how you achieved it, rather than listing your responsibilities like a mid-level resume would. It also highlights any professional affiliations you might have, such as non-executive board positions.

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