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The Sales Report, Quarter 3 - 2014

Market Overview

It‘s hard to believe that another financial year has passed, but there is positive news for sales professionals; the number of new job opportunities on the market continues to grow .  Every industry sector has experienced increased demand for good talent throughout 2014 so far and we are once again starting to see the best candidates receiving multiple job offers.

Pleasingly, the business services market has returned to pre-2012 levels as business confidence has continued to improve.  Organisations are once again driving growth strategies and subsequently, demand for business development talent has begun to spike.

The FMCG/consumer sector experienced a strong start in January and has continued to gather momentum since.  Although recruitment for executive-level professionals has been subdued, demand for mid-level Account Managers has soared.  For the first time in a couple of years, we are also seeing the return of some volume campaigns as organisations once again invest in growth.

The healthcare sector has also maintained strong growth over the last six months.  The focus remains on the medical devices market and hospital drugs.

Following a traditionally quiet Quarter 1, the industrial and technical sales space burst into life over Quarter 2, with high demand for mid to senior level Commercial Sales Managers.  As with previous years, Quarter 3 should remain buoyant in this market before settling down again in the lead up to the holiday period.

As we head into the new financial year, the impacts of the contentious budget remain to be seen. Consumer sentiment has dropped rapidly and the subsequent effects may be felt in the consumer markets later in 2014.  However, with steady business confidence overall, the remainder of 2014 is shaping up to be positive for sales employment.

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Regional Director – Sales
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Business Services

After a fairly slow 2013, we saw an uplift in activity across business services at the end of February 2014, which resulted from a combination of employee movement, and organisations identifying the need for growth, after 18 months of stabilising teams.

In the first half of this year we started to see some of the top performing professionals within the services space actively seek their next challenge – this automatically creates movement in the market. From a jobseeker perspective, it is the most buoyant we have seen in a long time, with salary and career progression being the main motivators to move roles.

From an employer perspective, companies will either create new and exciting opportunities for top talent or retain their most skilled individuals. However, if companies offer limited career opportunities, staff will change roles. 

Companies in the business services sector are starting to put a strong focus on growth, hence the need for top talent. Employers have been very conservative over the last 18 months while working through restructures and now seem to be at a point where they are ready to invest in growth and resources.

With the consistency we have seen in this sector over the first half of 2014, we anticipate the next six months will remain stable and another potential uplift due to the new financial year. 

Candidate Profiles

Sales Manager (NSW)

  • A true business developer who has fantastic B2B experience, selling both product and service solutions, including tailored solutions worth up to $100,000 across the conferencing, events, tourism and banking sectors, with some exceptional brands including Macquarie Bank, BES and Capstone Business Consultancy.
  • Hard working individual who has proven success selling to a range of c-level clients.  An extremely engaging candidate with the ability to quickly develop strong rapport.
  • A well educated candidate with strong business acumen, experience in team leadership and managing own P&L. Ready to take the next step in their career.

Reference: 449912104

Business Development Manager (NSW)

  • Extensive sales background and experience in the financial services, telecommunications and professional services sector in Australia and Europe.
  • Recently worked for International SOS in a business development position and been involved in B2B solution selling to top companies across Europe including Panasonic and Tesco supermarkets.
  • Competent in face-to-face sales, a proven Business Development Manager who would be an asset to any sales team.
  • This candidate is well educated, well travelled and is looking forward to progressing their career.

Reference: 449910786

General Manager Sales (VIC)

  • Very strong senior-level professional within IT, with a core focus on data and marketing solutions.
  • Intelligent and competent IT professional, very strong interpersonal skills, matched with technical and sales – a real asset to any data marketing services company.
  • Worked in multiple roles, including sales and operations.
  • Extremely well presented and a high achiever.

Reference: 469401

Business Development Manager (VIC)

  • A very well presented, proven acquisition focused Business Development Manager with a plethora of experience across the FMCG and business services industry.
  • All roles focused on responsibility for driving acquisition into new markets while effectively managing key clients.  
  • Worked with and managed several industry leading brands while in the services sector, including NAB, Dodo and Europcar, each with annual spends of circa $500,000 and upwards.
  • Currently achieving 120% of target from an acquisition perspective year-to-date and won major deals throughout their career including Department of Education and St Vincent’s Hospital each with an annual spend of over $200,000.

Reference: 449915134

Consumer Goods

During Quarter 2, business activity in consumer goods was positive, similar to Quarter 1. Despite a quiet period in April due to the holidays, job activity levels increased in May and June, especially for head office positions in New South Wales and Victoria. Nationally, there was a decline in people management positions, such as Field Sales Manager and States Sales Manager roles as retailers moved towards central buying and replenishment systems, which doesn’t allow field sales teams to influence orders to increase sales at a store level. Businesses have identified this as an area to reduce costs, decrease headcount and utilise third party sales forces for merchandising and in-store promotions.

Strategic, top performing employees are still in high demand, as well as those with experience in managing large supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths to strategically negotiate business plans and promotional programs that deliver commercially sound and profitable outcomes for both parties. To retain this talent, employers are implementing rewards strategies.

Candidate Profiles

Senior National Account Manager (NSW)

  • High calibre Senior National Account Manager with experience working for a global beverage company with responsibility for the full P&L of a top national retailer.
  • Experience in working closely with digital and online teams to increase product presence and consumer awareness, thus increasing sales both online and in-store.
  • Degree qualified with a high analytical understanding of using market research data to drive category growth.
  • Corporately presented, articulate and a highly commercial approach to their work.

Reference: 449808621

National Business Manager (NSW)

  • Proactive and resilient FMCG professional with strong customer management, commercial awareness, strategy and operational excellence and people management experience.
  • Played a pivotal role in NPD; research, development, planning, execution and follow through with national retailers.
  • Well educated and degree qualified with a hands-on approach to analysis.
  • People management experience; three direct reports and 10 indirect reports with a motivational and collaborative management style.

Reference: 16991

National Account Manager (NSW)

  • Over five years experience managing the sales of products to select independent retailers, with the role more recently incorporating full P&L, budget and forecasting responsibility.
  • Prior to this was a State Training Manager for a cosmetics organisation supplying to department stores, focusing on coaching the counter sales teams, as well as product and practical application training.
  • Prior to this, was responsible for the sales of all the department store counters and pharmacies for a large cosmetics organisation.
  • Proactive, passionate and understands the highly competitive nature of luxury goods, cosmetics and department store sales.

Reference: 3847330

National Sales Manager (VIC)

  • Highly successful sales leader with 12 years FMCG experience with leading food companies.
  • Proven track record in building successful teams and developing new business.
  • Sold into multiple sales channels such as grocery, foodservice and export.
  • Ideally suited to emerging General Manager level sales opportunities.
  • Bachelor of Business.

Reference: 49568789

National Account Manager (VIC)

  • A dedicated and experienced FMCG Grocery Account Manager, with 10 years of experience with blue-chip FMCG companies.
  • Demonstrated track record across account management, demand/supply management, category management and field management.
  •  A proactive and driven individual with sound strategic and customer management skills.
  • Bachelor of Commerce.

Reference: 233207

Sales Representative (WA)

  • Currently a liquor sales representative calling on all licensed and retail accounts.
  • Background as a personal trainer and manager for a high profile gym.
  • Extremely articulate, personable and switched-on.
  • Excellent presentation and communications skills.

Reference: 5162200

Media & Digital

Quarter 2 of 2014 was steady for the media and digital sector with no particular growth areas that emerged after the first quarter, which was uncharacteristically strong. There is a continued positivity around business growth in the remainder of 2014 and a strong sentiment shared by many line managers that their digital sales teams will require reinforcements. With newly presented 2014/2015 budgets that are seemingly more aggressive than anticipated, team growth and investment in people will be a major priority for the new financial year.

Small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) are still proactively recruiting, however towards the end of the second quarter, these businesses started to stall their talent acquisition activities until they gained a clearer idea of what their new targets would be.

In contrast, larger media businesses continued to plan their recruitment strategy and while there was some movement in the second quarter, it seems that the majority of their strategy will be realised in the third quarter of the year. On a positive note, it’s likely that the uncertainty and restructure activity of the last 12-18 months will come to and end and the dust will start to settle. Additionally, the stigma of some of these larger companies is starting to be replaced with a genuine desire to join these big brands to start building a career.

Employers will continue to focus on moving quickly when recruiting business critical roles, as top-tier candidates are only available for a short time before they are tempted by the competition.

Candidate Profiles

Digital Business Development Manager (NSW)

  • Exceptional digital sales experience with a range of top-tier clients including Sensis and Optus Digital.
  • Experience running own small consultancy focusing on introducing digital assets to SME clients across NSW.
  • A proven performer billing over $1 million in digital sales per year to a number of direct and agency clients including Mediacom, OMD and PhD.

Reference: 449914928

Media Sales Manager - Agency (NSW)

  • An impressive background in the media sector in both agency and direct sales.
  • Experience buying and selling media assets having worked for a number of leading companies such as Neo/Ogilvy, Universal McCann and Morningstar Australia.
  • Polished and well presented senior sales individual with experience leading teams of new business developers.

Reference: 5358680

Business Development Manager (VIC)

  • Highly impressive, strategic, career-minded Business Development Manager.
  • Manages an annual portfolio of $1.8 million.
  • Experience of selling digital and print media solutions ranging from $10, 000 up to $100,000 per annum.

Reference: 449905381

Digital Sales Manager (VIC)

  • Strong career in end-to-end new business digital solutions.
  • Worked with key clients including Sony, MTV and BMW.
  • Grew territory from $20,000 per month to over $2 million per month through own new business sales and the hire of new direct report.

Reference: 449917470

Technical & Industrial

Eastern Australia

For industry sectors within the industrial and technical markets, recruitment activity is either distinctly challenging or buoyant.. Hiring within manufacturing related businesses remains difficult, which is unlikely to change in the future as manufacturing roles move offshore. However, from a recruitment perspective, there are opportunities within import and distribution led businesses, rather than those that only manufacture locally. Activity within the mining sector is also fairly flat as there are very few new projects or site opportunities; however there is opportunity in repairs, parts, and servicing focused businesses.

The more buoyant industries are construction, B2B services and automotive. Construction is set to grow exponentially in the second half of the year as the budget announcements from May come into effect and the government supports funding for infrastructure projects. B2B services lead businesses, in particular in waste management, fire and security, facilities management, cleaning services, transport and logistics remain strong, as does automotive because despite manufacturing moving offshore, import and distribution cars, parts and servicing is key.

Role types being recruited are mostly in the National Key Account Management space, as businesses seek to maximise revenue lines with existing businesses. Business have been seen to forego sale management or sales representative roles, rolling existing positions into joint roles or territories, but Key Account, Major Account or National Account roles will be replaced as a point of urgency.

Activity in Quarter 2 was a lot stronger than in Quarter 1 across Eastern Australia and this trend is expected to continue in Quarter 3.

Western Australia

The technical and industrial market within Western Australia remained flat throughout the first half of 2014. As most organisations are looking to maintain and reduce spend where possible given tougher market conditions, recruitment has been focused within service related organisations across the resources sector.. Opportunities within the resources sector will gradually increase e over the second half of 2014 as confidence, along with commencement of potential projects, is leading to major equipment manufacturers preparing for an influx of work. 

The construction industry in Western Australia has been a strong point over the last few months, mainly across residential, with momentum gathering in commercial. With state government commitment to the development of Perth, recent budget announcements focusing on construction spend and the steady increase in demand for accommodation, it is anticipated that construction related organisations will have a key focus on developing and growing their sales operations in the second half of 2014.

Senior level positions have been next to non-existent while the majority of  opportunities have been junior to mid-tier technical sales professionals in business development and account management capacities. We anticipate this will continue and we may see a slight increase in recruitment activity following the end of the financial year.

Candidate Profiles

Head of Business Development (WA)

  • Search, develop, and manage business contacts at executive level within mining industry.
  • Develop and implement an efficient business strategy, including the organisation, commercial approach and development of global offering for mining accounts like Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Xstrata, Barrick, Newcrest, FMG and others.
  • Lead development, analysis and implementation/improvement of current/new processes and company activities (coaching, training, price management, etc) to deliver best-in-class services and front-line mining team.
  • Manage existing key accounts to deliver KPI targets inline with local and global plans, while ensuring the success of company in mining opportunities.

Reference: 449724304

State Manager (NSW/ACT)

  • Responsible for the day-to-day management of sales and general branch operations for the state (NSW and ACT) and the achievement of budgeted P&L and KPIs in relation to working capital and inventory, and managing the NSW/ACT team of15 staff.
  • Responsible for the preparation of state sales budgets and quarterly revised profit forecasts (RPF).
  • Prepare monthly state activity commentary, based on monthly management P&L and working capital data.
  • Promoting  to  electrical  contractors,  consultants,  wholesalers,  project  managers / houses  and  other relevant decision makers.

Reference: 449917335

Sales Representative (NSW)

  • Responsible for Sydney metro area and North Sydney.
  • Successfully achieved sales budget for the F 11/12 and F 12/13 by providing 100% coverage of customer base and maintaining good relationships with corporate and site level buyers.
  • Responsible for providing training and technical knowledge regarding chemical safety and chemical usage to customers in the healthcare, aged care and hospitality industries.
  • Managed to increase new customer portfolio by 4% in the F 11/12 by prospecting and managing sales funnels and planning on a monthly basis.

Reference: 449681231

Territory Manager (QLD)

  • Previous experience in consumer sales before progressing into technical sales market.
  • Worked for Hilti as an Account Manager focusing on the building/construction industry for over three years.
  • Exposure to existing growing accounts, as well as developing new business.
  • Over eight years in external positions across consumer and industrial sales.
  • Large product exposure across tooling and related products.
  • Ambitious and professional candidate with a proven track record to date.
  • Realistic salary expectations for the current market.
  • Immediately available.

Reference: 449910410

Business Development Manager (WA)

  • Capital equipment background progressing from internal sales to external field positions.
  • Dealt with a wide customer base from major mining companies to owner operated businesses.
  • Year-on-year growth during the last five years within their current territory.
  • Heavily networked across the WA technical sales market.
  • Familiar with operating in an autonomous position with limited support networks.
  • Success in working for a start-up business looking to break into the WA market.

Reference: 449813584


Recruitment activity in the healthcare sales market increased substantially from Quarter 1 to Quarter 2 this year from both a hiring and jobseeker perspective and we expect the trend to continue throughout the entirety of Quarter 3. As always, the start of the year was a busy planning period for healthcare sales teams across the key sectors of pharmaceutical and medical devices, staff participated in  a team building and conferences to plan for the year ahead. Following annual bonuses received in March/April many employees actively sought a new challenge and opportunity for career growth.

The motivation for healthcare sales employees continues to be driven by a variety of factors. In particular, a desire to change therapeutic area (e.g. Oncology or Virology) is common, as well as a high number of pharmaceutical sales candidates looking to transition across into growth areas in medical devices sales.

Whilst there is currently a strong pool of healthcare sales jobseekers on the market, we are seeing quantity rather than quality and any outstanding candidates are always involved in more than one process at any one time. Therefore, employers should work with recruiters to expedite processes and maintain candidate control to ensure quality talent is secured.

Candidate Profiles

GP Sales Representative (NSW)

  • Bachelor of Exercise Science and Nutrition (2009).
  • Four years experience in pharmaceutical sales with AstraZeneca (3 GP, 1 HSR) with exposure to Respiratory, Gastro, Cardiology and most recently Neuroscience.
  • Proven sales experience and ability to attain strong KPIs but also very focused on adding value, with a patient-centric approach, particularly within Neuroscience.
  • Ideally looking for HSR roles in a growing/challenging area of specialty.
  • Lives in South Sydney but flexible with territory south of the bridge.

Reference: 449898681

Hospital Sales Representative (NSW)

  • Bachelor of Science (Science and Mathematics).
  • An experienced healthcare representative with a warm, credible and engaging personality.
  • Currently in a dental sales role with previous experience in selling to hospitals and government institutions, allowing an adaptable and flexible selling style.
  • Mature and worldly outlook, previous experience in New York (AstraZeneca, Ferring).

Reference: 449915923

Clinical Sales Manager – Medical Device (NSW)

  • Bachelor of Nursing/ Masters in Health Science and strong clinical experience in a range of areas (Cath Lab, Renal, Oncology, Critical Care, Cardio Thoracic).
  • Wealth of contacts in the field in NSW but also nationwide given the scope of current role.
  • Currently managing a team of clinical specialists and was Acting Sales Manager for 14 Territory Managers.
  • Passionate about patient outcomes.

Reference: 449917189

Territory Manager – Medical Devices (VIC)

  • Bachelor of Science (2008).
  • Five years of sales experience in a blue-chip medical device company.
  • Proven track record of sales growth in their territory.
  • Experience in Urology and Vascular portfolios.

Reference: 449723703

Key Account Manager – Pharmaceutical (VIC)

  • Bachelor of Business (2004).
  • Highly credentialed Key Account Manager that has sold into national pharmacy groups.
  • Previously led State sales teams within the Consumer health space.
  • Dynamic and engaging candidate with previous experience at Novartis and Wyeth.

Reference: 449812200

National Sales Manager, Pharmaceutical, Specialist Medicine – Critical and Supportive Care (NSW)

  • Bachelor of Nursing.
  • Experienced business leader with a passion for developing people.
  • Developed new selling models and account management strategies within current organisation.
  • Strong understanding of the ‘Business of Medicine’ in the Australian healthcare environment.
  • National mobility.

Reference: 449884633