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FAQs for current candidates

I’ve just received my contract. What’s next?
You will receive a welcome email with all instructions included. If you haven’t received this, please contact your consultant

How do I get paid?
Submit your timesheet promptly so that it can be approved by 6.00pm Australian Eastern Daylight Saving time (AEDST) each Monday, or 10.00am AEDST on the Tuesday following a Public Holiday.
Monthly timesheets must be submitted and approved by 6.00pm on the first Monday AEDST after the end of the previous month.
For all new contracts, please ensure that your completed Contractor Pack is completed and submitted by 6.00pm AEDST each Monday, or 10.00am AEDST on the Tuesday following a Public Holiday.
You will be paid directly into your nominated bank account on the Friday of the week you submit your timesheet.

I haven’t been paid yet. What do I do?
Ensure you have the correct week ending date on your timesheet.
Did you submit the timesheet by the correct time?
Check you provided the correct assignment number.
Make sure you included start and end times, and meal breaks, not just the total hours worked.
Check you gave your employer all your bank account details: the name on the account, BSB and account numbers.
If you’ve just started, did payroll receive your completed documents by payroll cutoff time?
If you believe you haven’t been paid due to any of the reasons above please contact your PageGroup consultant.

What are my leave entitlements?
As you are a casual employee, contractors are not entitled to leave/accrual. To compensate, most casual employees will find a casual loading per award on your on your base hourly rate.

I need to take a sick day. What is the process?
You must call your consultant by 8am so they can inform your employer and, if necessary, find a replacement. Sick leave is unpaid, as the casual loading included in your hourly rate covers it.

Do I need public liability insurance?
If you are a PTY (independent) candidate you will need to provide us with a copy of the following:
Copy of Certificate of Incorporation & Australian Business Number
A current Public Liability Insurance Policy with $10million cover
A current Workers Compensation Policy
Current Professional Indemnity Policy with $5million cover
NSW Contractors Only. Completed and signed subcontractors Statement regarding workers compensation and Payroll Tax.
You must also submit your tax invoice to [email protected]
before payroll cut-off.

If you are a PTY candidate you will need to provide company bank details. We cannot accept personal bank details.

What happens at the end of my contract?
It’s different for everyone. We can help you find another contract role or something more permanent if you decide. It’s a good idea to check in with your consultant when it’s coming up to the end of your contract to discuss your career path.

My question isn’t listed here. Who can I speak to?
You can speak to our dedicated contracting team at any time.//link or ph. No//