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10 things to check before you submit your CV

A meticulously crafted CV gives you the best chance of reaching the interview stage. Make sure yours ends up in the ‘yes’ tray by completing this checklist:

  1. Is it brief? No more than two to three pages?
  2. Is it specifically tailored to the job description?
  3. Is it clear, concise and easy to read?
  4. Are job titles and responsibilities relevant to the job on offer?
  5. Have you explained any gaps in employment?
  6. Does it focus on results and achievements, with specific examples of how you’ve added value?
  7. Does it highlight key skills that are relevant to the role on offer?
  8. Does it highlight relevant educational certificates?
  9. Does it include computer skills, language skills and any relevant professional training?
  10. Does it state that referees can be provided on request?
  11. Is it free of typos, and has it been sense-checked and proofread by a friend?