As an employer:

At Michael Page, we’ve consolidated our commitment to diversity and inclusion, having introduced OpenPage in 2014 to help raise awareness in our business. It embraces a diverse and inclusive working environment where:

  • Age is just a number

  • Disability doesn’t hold you back

  • Sexual orientation doesn’t matter

  • Families and carers come first

  • A multicultural workforce thrives

  • Women succeed at work 

Part of our strength is in our teamwork. Our inclusion promise ensures a team that’s diverse in every office across the globe. OpenPage makes that promise a reality through our meritocratic approach to success. We find great candidates for our clients based solely on their abilities, and our inclusion promise ensures we treat our own people the same way.

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Launched in July 2016, our [email protected] initiative seeks to demonstrate our commitment to disability with the aim of removing all barriers: physical, technological and attitudinal. Our progress in this area includes:

  • First recruitment company to sign the Time To Change pledge – to end mental health discrimination

  • Established our [email protected] Yammer group

  • Reviewed and rewrote our policies

  • Appointed senior sponsor and mental health champions

  • Real People/Real Stories of employees whose lives are affected by disability

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At PageGroup, we recognise the benefits of having an age diverse workforce and therefore recruit and retain talent across all age groups.

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In April 2019 we launched our latest OpenPage programme - [email protected] Centred around our Reconciliation Action Plan, the programme will provide a unique opportunity to promote career opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and ensure there is a greater representation of Indigenous Australians in our own workforce as PageGroup begins our own reconciliation journey.

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PageGroup launched our [email protected] initiative in 2015 to cater to all parents and carers across our brands, supporting them with vital information, tools and resources. During this process, we have:

  • Brought in an external partner in the form of [email protected] and introduced a parental support program including coaching and online resources

  • Introduced coaching program for pre/post maternity stages

  • Initiated global maternity guidelines

  • Established our [email protected] intranet site and Yammer group

  • Further develop dour paternity policy

  • Signed the #workingforward pledge – making the workplace the best it can be for pregnant women and new mothers

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PageGroup is an LGBTI-inclusive employer.

In 2015, we launched [email protected], a program that supports our LGBT+ employees to be themselves, realising that their performance will increase as a result. Through our [email protected] initiative, we have:

  • Been established as a Stonewall Global Diversity Champion

  • Run workshops and sessions for local LGBT+ university students on CV and skills development

  • Reviewed and rewritten our policies

  • Created [email protected] ‘Yammer’ group

  • Recognising Pride Month and running global campaigns to support this in June

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Our aim is to increase awareness and promote the benefits of a multicultural business team.

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Launched by PageGroup in 2012, [email protected] seeks to support women in developing their careers within the business. Its main objective is to improve equal employment opportunities between men and women at all levels of the business.

The aim is to create a supportive working environment, raise career aspirations, develop career growth and retain female talent within PageGroup.

We have introduced a number of program and initiatives including:

  • Maternity guidelines

  • Dynamic working

  • Mentoring programs

  • Workplace flexibility