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New Market Trends For Mining Talent

Recruitment activity in the Australian mining and resources industry has been affected by different recent factors like the state of global equity markets, strength of the Australian dollar, volatility of commodity prices and government influences such as the Minerals Resource Rent Tax.

What impact do these factors have on the job prospects of mining talent? There has been a:

  • Reduction in the number of projects and expansion works in the sector
  • Notable reaction by mining companies in their adjustment of headcounts accordingly
  • Strong effect on the overall level of employment activity, with fewer job opportunities for qualified mining talent within the sector

The Current Job Market For Mining Talent

The reduction in headcount is most clearly seen in engineering consultancies, where a large number of engineers and project workers have found themselves out of work.

It makes sense that staff in areas of support services and non-billable functions could be considered dispensable too, as these roles directly impact a company’s bottom line at a time when company performance is under direct scrutiny.

So, what’s happening from the candidate’s perspective? Alongside an increasing number of domestic jobseekers looking for work, there is a continued flow of skilled overseas workers in the marketplace, creating a saturated candidate market and a high level of competition across the mining and resources industry.

With the supply of mining talent outweighing employer demand, the volume of applicants per position is currently at high levels. This hinders an employer’s ability to respond to all unsuccessful applicants, which could have a negative flow-on effect on the organisation’s reputation – another casualty in the current industry climate.

How To Attract Top-Quality Mining Talent

Employers can attract the best mining talent by having a defined recruitment strategy, being consistent in their approach with candidates and being swift in recruitment lead times.

One of the most common frustrations for mining talent is the hesitation and stalling they perceive in the recruitment process. It sounds alarm bells to candidates about management’s ability to define a strategy and commit to it.

Employers could benefit from using several sourcing methods in their recruitment strategy, including:

  • Independently sourcing mining talent through job postings on industry and mainstream job boards
  • Engaging a recruitment firm, as many mining professionals who are currently employed and looking for a specific opportunity to progress their career are in touch with recruiters, but not actively looking for work in their own time
  • Spreading the word on social media sites like LinkedIn and through industry contacts to promote job opportunities.

4 Insights When Interviewing Mining Talent

  1. Does this candidate provide relevant answers to questions, as opposed to providing a pre-prepared response?
  2. Does the interviewee’s body language represent a person who is genuinely enthused and interested in the position?
  3. Does the potential employee maintain eye contact and sit forward in the chair?
  4. How well prepared is the candidate, meaning have they researched the organisation, position and recent industry news?

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