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Salary & Employment Outlook - Digital

After an exhaustive survey of more than 2,700 industry leaders, the Michael Page reports can provide important insights into what’s happening in digital recruitment and salaries across Australia.

Coupled with our own industry knowledge and insights, we’ve looked into the factors affecting job seekers and employers in the digital sector, such as:

  • Regional outcomes; New South Wales is ahead of the pack when it comes to hiring digital professionals, however, Australia as a whole is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of a strong online presence as the nation continues to improve digital content and social strategies
  • Confidence levels; overall, sentiment in the digital sphere is high, with recruitment for permanent digital roles increasing in the past year and expectations for this trend to continue into the future
  • Remuneration forecast; professionals will likely be financially rewarded for their hard work, with 72% of our survey respondents expecting their direct employees to receive a salary increase in 2015/16
  • Current salary snapshot; there is still some disparity between states when it comes to salaries. For example, a junior digital producer in South Australia can expect to earn $60-70k, while this position in other states and territories can receive up to $5k more a year

 To find out about how your job is ranked this year, download the full Michael Page Digital Salary & Employment Outlook.