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Salary & Employment Outlook – Human Resources

We’ve surveyed more than 2,700 clients from the nation’s major industries in order to present a comprehensive overview on employment and salaries around Australia.

Here’s what we found out about human resources:

  • Economic outlook; with Australia’s economy beginning to strengthen, talented human resources professionals are required to help businesses grow
  • Recruitment forecasts; employers will likely continue to seek out contractors, and the strengthening economy should also herald an increase in permanent recruitment, particularly in mid-level positions. While 58% of employers don’t expect to increase their head count this year, some growth is expected in certain skill areas
  • Remuneration trends; salaries are increasingly becoming performance driven, as most employers don’t forecast bonuses this year, but 81% expect their direct employees will receive a pay rise
  • Salary snapshot: Demand for effective leaders is particularly evident in the executive job market, where salaries for human resources directors in large firms start from $180,000 across the nation

To learn more about the current state and future of this sector, download the full Michael Page Human Resources Salary & Employment Outlook today.