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Salary & Employment Outlook – Mining and Resources

After collecting responses from more than 2,700 industry insiders around Australia and putting them together with our own knowledge, we’ve created in-depth guides to the nation’s major industries.

Here’s what we know about employment and salaries in the mining, energy and resources sector:

  • Recruitment trends; hiring activity in the mining, energy and resources sector is slow nation-wide, due to the decrease in iron ore and coal commodity prices having a negative impact on the Australian market
  • Many businesses are hiring only to replace employees, rather than create new roles, in fact, 64% of our respondents don’t expect to grow their teams at all this year
  • Sector strengths; while permanent hiring is slow, there will likely be a push toward contract recruitment in the future; engineers with 8 -15 years’ experience and degrees are seeing the highest demand as many businesses upskill to mid-level roles

Salary expectations; as the mining economy isn’t as strong as it once was 80% of employers don’t expect their direct employees to receive a salary increase this year, this would leave an estimator at a small-medium company earning $65-100k per annum

To find out more about your salary and employment forecast in mining and resources in Australia, download the full Michael Page Mining & Resources Salary & Employment Outlook.