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The new #moremoneymorelife salary tool from Michael Page

Australia, Thursday 3, February 2016
Does your income bring home the bacon? Well, a new tool from Michael Page can now tell you how much bacon – amongst other things – you could afford after your next career move.
Now that people are thinking about where their career is heading in 2016, Michael Page has teamed up with LJ Hooker to offer what could be a glimpse of their future. Our unique, fun and interactive salary tool pulls in user information for current and potential job titles, salary, years of experience, location and living expenses. The tool relies on extensive data from Michael Page salary tables, covering key industry sectors and thousands of job titles across Australia and, using data supplied by Real Estate company LJ Hooker, returns a projected figure on how much additional money the person will have at their disposal from their next career move, and if they were to move for a new job interstate.
The figure represents the amount of disposable income remaining after deducting average housing costs and current salary from the average salary a person would receive in the next career they selected. Calculations are based on ATO data and LJ Hooker/CoreLogic Data.
The tool also asks a user what they like to spend their money on (e.g. luxury items, home improvements or the latest tech) and calculates what the extra money could get them.
We’ve also given people the chance to see if their next career move could be in a different state, by comparing equivalent salary and housing cost data to show how much further their money might go.