Amid the Great Resignation and today’s hyper-competitive hiring landscape, 69% of companies have reported talent shortages and difficulty hiring, according to a global survey conducted by ManPower Group. Increasingly niche skills demands, a rapidly evolving business landscape and changing candidate expectations mean organisations around the world face more challenges than ever in attracting talent.

To address these challenges, many companies are turning to recruitment agencies with the specialist expertise to source skilled, hard-to-hire talent.

But how do recruitment agencies work in Australia, and what benefits can they bring to your business?

What is a recruitment agency?

The role of a recruitment agency is to work with employers and job seekers to facilitate a successful job match. This includes considering the organisation’s objectives and hiring needs, and sourcing appropriate candidates based on multiple factors, such as:

  • Skills and experience
  • Qualifications and education
  • Culture fit
  • Salary expectations
  • Career development and progression
  • Potential start date

Recruitment agencies can be seen as an extension of your organisation’s talent acquisition function, partnering with you to source contract, casual, permanent part-time or permanent full-time talent that specifically aligns to your present and future business requirements.

What does the recruitment process entail?

The recruitment process can vary from one agency to the next. Here is a step-by-step guide of what you can expect when you work with Michael Page to recruit a new contract, casual, permanent part-time or permanent full-time employee:

1. Initial contact

You can contact your local Michael Page office or submit your job spec online and one of our consultants will arrange an in-depth teleconference or face-to-face meeting to discuss your requirements. If you don’t have a job description, we can help prepare one at this stage.

No role is simply about the technical requirements on paper, so we take the time to understand your business and the type of individuals who would be a good cultural fit for your workplace.

2. Market update

Following our initial consultation, we provide an honest appraisal of the current market conditions, the availability of candidates and the suitability of your suggested remuneration package. We also work with you to agree on timeframes and objectives for filling the role/s.

3. Sourcing candidates

We tap into our industry-leading database, advertising solutions, social media and active candidate network to source relevant candidates.

4. In-depth interviewing

We conduct checks to select preferred candidates who are qualified against all of your technical, creative and personality requirements. This can include:

  • Behavioural Based Interviewing (BBI)
  • Visa/qualification checking
  • Psychometric testing
  • Technical testing
  • Probity checking

5. Reference checks

Shortlisted candidates undergo full reference checks to evaluate their credibility.

6. Offer management

We manage the job offer to make sure that you secure your new hire in your ideal timeframe at the right salary level.

What are the benefits of using a recruitment agency?

Some of the key benefits of utilising a recruitment agency include:

  • Access to quality candidates: Reputable agencies will have an established network and a range of innovative sourcing solutions to find you the best talent.
  • Industry expertise: Many recruitment agencies have consultants who specialise in particular industries or sectors, and understand the market in depth.
  • Thorough screening process: Recruiters are incentivised to facilitate a successful match between employer and candidates, and have comprehensive guardrails in place to ensure a positive outcome.
  • Time and cost savings: Outsourcing recruitment is a cost-effective, fast and scalable way to fill skills gaps within your team.

Michael Page is one of the leading specialist recruitment consultancies in the world, with over 40 years’ experience in the Australian market. To find out more about our recruitment methodology and how we can support your hiring needs, get in touch today.

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