Alternative modes of working you haven't considered yet
Gone are the days when you go to work every day in the same office, and then you go home for the night. In 2015, there are more and more options popping up across various industries, with the 2015/16 Michael Page Salary & Employment Forecast showing Australian companies are increasingly moving toward a flexible operating structure. We have been noting in our own business that flexibility and work/life balance are toward the top of the list when it comes to candidate expectations. Here are some alternative working methods you might not have considered yet:


Contracting offers the opportunity to experience a variety of employment opportunities without being tied into any long-term commitment. With some contracting positions, you’ll have the flexibility to choose the hours of work that suit you and get paid for those hours of service. Some professionals shape their entire career around contract work, including work from home consultants and niche professionals who offer a very specific skill set. Contract work also gives you the opportunity to work with a variety of people and projects. This adds up to not only a better work/life balance, but also the opportunity to work across a variety of business structures, industries and workplaces. Contracting offers the opportunity to build up your network of professional contacts while increasing your personal exposure.

Interim management

If you are an experienced professional with a niche skill set then interim management offers a satisfying challenge. As an interim manager, it is your role to step into a business to get a specific job done. It might be leading a project or overseeing a business after a sudden departure. The performance expectations and subsequent rewards are high.

Job sharing

Job sharing can be a practical long-term arrangement for busy professionals looking for optimal work/life balance. To put it simply – job sharing is two professionals sharing the one role. You will have the same job description as the other professional, and only half the workload. This is a great option for anyone looking to work part-time. Effective communication between each other is essential in order for this working situation to be successful, so you have to be a good team player. We often see professionals easing into retirement or coming back from maternity leave on a job sharing basis. This part-time arrangement offers you more flexibility, including remote access and working from home.

Interstate commute

Another trend within Australia is interstate commuting. We have seen an increase in senior level executives (particularly professionals who do contract work) travel from one state to another for work. For many professionals this offers the best of both worlds – the ability to contribute to companies operating in growth markets while also maintaining family roots. It also avoids the hassle of moving your entire family and relocating to another country.
If you’re looking to add variation to your daily schedule, our online contracting hub includes advice and job opportunities to help you find a new role as a contractor, temporary worker or interim manager.


People seeking a shift in their routine to achieve more work/life balance, or just a change of pace, should consider:

  • Contracting, for the flexibility and variety it brings
  • Interim management
  • Job sharing
  • Interstate commute
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