IT Architect

What is an IT Architect?

An Information Technology (IT) architect, also known as an IT Systems Architect or Computer Systems architect, plays an important role in any organisation.

They focus on the development, maintenance, and design of computer systems, making sure that the systems’ architecture fits the larger needs of IT strategy, from the hardware platform to software compatibility.

IT Architect Job Description

An IT Architect plays a critical role in the development of business technology strategies and solutions. They analyse businesses' IT needs and design, build, and tailor complex technological infrastructures to meet those needs.

IT Architects have the opportunity to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, ultimately helping their organisation function better by creating efficient IT systems that increase operational productivity.

Duties and Responsibilities of an IT Architect

An IT Systems Architect is responsible for analysing, designing, and maintaining technology infrastructure according to the organisation's requirements and legal regulations.

They are expected to have a comprehensive knowledge of network engineering, system administration, hardware/software installation and maintenance, cloud computing services, database management systems and coding principles. This professional will also have excellent troubleshooting skills to quickly diagnose system issues or identify areas of improvement

IT Architect Salary

The IT Architect positions in Australia offer an excellent earning potential, with the average salary hovering around $109k annually. This is a lucrative career path for those who specialise and excel at designing tailored solutions through technology.

Qualifications and technical skills - How to become an IT Architect

Becoming an IT Architect requires a strong skill set, with knowledge of both software engineering principles and computer science.

Pursuing a degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering is a great start for someone looking to break into the field. However, these qualifications alone won’t be enough, as individuals should also develop a deep understanding of computer design software such as AutoCAD or Visio.

This job also requires technical knowledge and an understanding of current industry best practices and standards.

Qualities needed to be a successful IT Architect

IT Architects must have excellent problem solving and organisational skills and be able to conduct research when needed to develop innovative solutions that meet current business needs.

As well, they must keep up to date with trends in both hardware and software technology so they can ensure their designs are cost effective while still running smoothly and seamlessly.

Demand for IT Systems Architect

IT Systems Architect roles are extremely sought after - and the job market is projected to surge up to 5% by 2028.

With increasing demand for an Information Technology Architect, there's never been a better time to pursue this career or a similar path as Network Architects, Solutions Architects, or Enterprise Architects.

Next Steps IT Architect

An IT Architect wishing to progress in their career may find the emerging technologies of cloud computing, big data, and machine learning is an excellent starting point. By understanding these emerging technologies and developing a strategy for adopting them, an architect can not only enhance their skill set, but also demonstrate a deep understanding of innovative approaches.

Furthermore, engaging with team members and other technology professionals can provide necessary perspectives on emerging trends in the industry beyond just emerging technology. Committing oneself to continuous learning and keeping up with changing technologies will ensure the IT Architect stays well-positioned for new opportunities.

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