If you’ve set New Year’s resolutions, you’re not alone. In 2019, 73% of Australians made New Year’s resolutions, from losing weight to travelling more, managing their finances better and starting a new hobby.

But while the start of the year is the perfect time to set new personal goals, it’s also the best time to evaluate your business objectives, and ensure you have the right team on board to help reach them.

As 2020 commences, here are simple resolutions for human resources and hiring managers that could make a big difference to your organisation.

Focus on workplace diversity

Hiring for diversity isn’t just about ticking the box. Many studies have shown businesses with diverse teams perform better — they make 19% more revenue and regularly outperform industry norms by 35%. Diversity has also been shown to attract top talent. According to a study, 67% of job seekers rate diversity as a factor when evaluating their job offers.

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In 2020, make diversity a priority. Set hiring goals to increase diversity in your team, such as increasing the hiring rate of women across your teams and management. Equally, commit to improving the representation of minorities and different generations in your workforce.

Switch out your interview questions

What are your strengths? What is the most difficult situation you’ve faced at work?

Many hiring managers focus on these common interview questions when meeting with candidates. However, job seekers have been asked these questions countless times and have formed standard responses for these questions.

By asking candidates fresh and unique interview questions, you encourage them to respond with natural answers, rather than rehearsed ones. This allows you to gain a better insight into their personality, cultural fit and work style — and ultimately, judge if they’re a good fit for the role.

Try adding these questions to the mix for future interviews:

  • What kind of work would make you excited to get out of bed on Monday morning?
  • How would your previous managers and co-workers describe working with you?
  • Where do you believe our industry/profession will be in 5 or 10 years’ time?
  • Tell me about a time you set difficult goals.

Invest in employer branding

As the talent race heats up, hiring managers are competing for an increasingly smaller pool of top talent. This is where employer branding makes a difference for talent acquisition.

When deciding where to apply, 84% of job seekers say an employer’s reputation is a key consideration. While you don’t need to overhaul your entire employer branding strategy, there are a few actions you can do to improve your reputation:

  • Evaluate your current employer brand perception. Search online for employee reviews, look through exit interviews and speak to your current team. Identify pain points and consider actions to address them.
  • Respond to reviews on job sites like Glassdoor. 62% of candidates say their perception of a company improves if the organisation responds to reviews.
  • Maintain your career page on your website and LinkedIn. 90% of job seekers would apply for a job with a company that actively maintains their employer brand.

Use social media for online recruitment

Social media is key to attracting top talent. Most candidates use social media in the job search, both to keep track of new opportunities and to apply for positions.

Set a resolution to be more active on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and other channels your business uses. Post your latest job openings, showcase your company culture, celebrate successes, and highlight any company events or CSR initiatives.

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Other job hiring resolutions to consider

  • Standardise the steps in your hiring process, from the channels the job is advertised on to the number of interview rounds. This allows for more objective hires, and eliminates risks of bias, discrimination and favouritism.
  • Update your job descriptions to reflect the role’s key responsibilities and tasks, plus communicate updated employment benefits for successful candidates. 
  • Harness data as an asset. Review data on applicants, diversity, employee satisfaction, competency profiles and career progression. This information gives you valuable insights into what’s working, or where you need to adjust your hiring strategy in future.

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