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Hiring contractors with Michael Page

Michael Page is dedicated to helping employers in their contractor search. Our Contracting Team is a group of specialist consultants who are well connected with a network of skilled contractors around Australia who can step in for both short- and long-term contracts.

Temp with a Difference

We have partnered up with The Smith Family to support their Girls at the Centre program, an innovative campaign aimed at keeping Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls engaged with their education and giving them the opportunity to reach their potential at school and beyond. 
Join us in supporting this initiative, where we will simply be donating $1 per hour that your temp works if we have not placed a temp in your organisation in more than two years. You will not need to opt in, the donation process will be applied automatically.


Employing contractors

With a vast talent pool in Australia available to start work immediately, we are committed to working with employers to ensure the right people are in the right place to rapidly fill roles and hit the ground running.

If you’re looking to hire a contractor for a particular project, whether it’s to cover a staffing shortage or to increase the expertise of your team, you can contact us to connect with one of our consultants today.


How contractors can help your business

Temporary staff can be just what a company needs for any number of reasons. Skilled short-term help can improve your bottom line, morale, and the skills and knowledge of your full-time employees.

For example, contract workers can help keep your costs down by only requiring payment for the hours worked. This means no holiday pay, bonuses, or rewards that you would be required to pay full-time employees. It also means that if you finish a project early, you don’t need to continue paying your contractors once it’s done.

Temporary staff can also be the ideal solution for when you are not sure if you want to create a new position in the company, or if you want to trial a worker. For example, perhaps your company manager feels the need for an assistant, but isn’t exactly sure how the role would work – a contractor can offer a short-term solution to allow you to trial this position without committing to hiring a new full-time employee. Additionally, temporary contracts give you the freedom of hiring for the short-term to see if the staff member will truly be a good fit for the company, without having to worry about how to deal with the situation if they aren’t quite right.

Of course, contractors are also the ideal solution for dealing with busy periods of the year – whether you predicted the influx or not. While this certainly helps with the workload, it can also ensure your full-time employees know that they will not be expected to simply work overtime and pick up the slack when additional hands are needed.

Talk to us about the many ways in which a temporary worker can benefit you and your company.


How long does it take to complete a temporary contractor search?

Every job is different, but the Michael Page Contracting Team is acutely aware of the often-urgent need for temporary workers, which is why we make your contractor search a top priority.

Our results are quick, and we have been known to occasionally find the right temporary worker for roles in as little as a day. Naturally, Michael Page completes the entire hiring process for you, so you’ll reap the benefits of our efficient results as soon as possible.

If you need to speak to one of our consultants, our dedicated team is always here to help – contact [email protected].