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A resume serves as a marketing tool for your professional experience and background, so it needs to be distinct as well as easy to read to land a job interview.

How your resume looks and reads matters when competing for a job. According to a study by TheLadders, recruiters spend an average of six seconds before making the initial “fit or no fit” decision on candidates. However, the time a recruiter or hiring manager spends looking at a resume can vary depending on the role, the company, and the number of resumes they review.

Crafting a great resume is no easy feat, especially if you have an extensive career background, as resumes, unlike a CV, should not be more than two pages long. It can be a time-consuming process, and even more so when you need to customise resumes to target different jobs.

Resume templates can give you a head start by providing a pre-formatted document you can customise with your information. This way, you do not have to spend extra time on the resume format and can use your time to fill it up.

Not just for those who are not skilled at creating a resume layout, you should use a professional resume template because these resume templates now come in the form of resume builders that provide ideas and prompts, and even applicant tracking system (ATS)-friendly resume templates to make sure you cover all grounds and details of your career when creating a professional-looking resume.

Benefits of using resume builders, templates and tools

Early resume builders offered basic templates and limited customisation options. However, resume builders have evolved to give you professional resume templates that incorporate advanced features such as writing suggestions, pre-written phrases, ATS optimisation, and integration with job boards.

Today, there are numerous online resume builders available, offering a wide range of templates, features, and pricing options to cater to the diverse needs of job seekers.

It goes without saying that resume builders offer a multitude of time-saving benefits for job seekers. By providing pre-designed resume templates and intuitive interfaces, these tools take away the need to spend hours formatting and designing resumes from scratch.

With easy-to-use editing features, you can swiftly input your information, including work experience, education, and skills, saving significant time and effort. 

However, resume builders do so much more than that. Here are some other benefits of using resume builders:

  1. Most resume builders include features like spell checkers and suggested phrases to help ensure that resumes are error-free and well-written.
  2. They provide guidance and structure for your work history, resume summary and critical skills hiring managers expect to see.
  3. They allow for quick updates and modifications without starting from scratch.
  4. They streamline the resume creation process, enabling focus on tailoring content to specific job applications.
  5. They provide attractive and modern resume templates with presets to suit different job applications.
  6. Some resume builders come with help for cover letters and CV templates, either in the form of a builder or as samples.
  7. These tools can be extremely helpful when you lack design skills.

Always customise when using resume templates

With that said, there are also some potential drawbacks to using resume templates. For example, if you use a template that is not well-designed or that is not tailored to your specific skills and experience, it could actually hurt your chances of getting a job. It’s important to choose a professional template that highlights your strengths.

You also don’t want to use a resume template blindly. Be sure to customise it to make it work for you.

Overall, the benefits of using resume templates outweigh the drawbacks. Utilising a resume template is still a great option if you’re looking to save time, make a good first impression, and highlight your skills and experience.

10 resume builders and template tools

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Resume templates are valuable tools that can help job seekers create professional and visually appealing resumes efficiently. Here are 10 resume-building tools to help you construct your resume.

1. Canva

Canva is an online user-friendly graphic design tool that helps people make flawless graphics without needing any previous experience.

In this case, it can help job hunters build beautiful, creative resumes. There are hundreds of templates that you can use and customise onsite by switching colours, fonts, and graphics.

You can choose between a simple resume template, sleek resumes, bright and colourful templates, executive-level professional templates, and more. You will also have the option of uploading your own elements if you have features you would like to add.

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If you’re on a creative streak and looking to make something truly unique, gives you all the tools to make it happen. Technically speaking, is a tool for turning any kind of information into an engaging infographic, so you can use it for your resume and presentations and reports once you get hired. offers one free resume template, and if you want more options, you need to pay. There are three pricing plans: Student, Individual and Business.

While all three packages give you access to 320+ templates (including resumes and others like brochures and infographics), 1.1 million icons and pictures, the Individual and Business plans provide access to many other elements like free student accounts and organisational options.

3. Kickresume

kickresume has over 50 templates to choose from, including career-specific options. It also comes with over 100 resume examples from people who have landed dream jobs to help you get the creative juices flowing.

The free version offers 4 basic resume templates, 4 matching cover letter templates, 1 basic website template, 20,000 pre-written phrases, 1,500+ resume examples and unlimited downloads.

The paid version provides more resume and cover letter templates, as well as personal website templates, full customisation options, an AI resume checker, and priority email and chat support.

4. Michael Page resume templates

We offer a range of professional resume templates that differ depending on what suits you and the position you’re applying for. For example, a skills-based resume focuses on your professional skills and will have a different look and function than a chronological resume and a creative resume, so choose the one relevant to the job you’re applying for.

Compared to resume builders out there, these fuss-free Microsoft Word templates offer a simple way for you to create your own version.

(You may refer to these free cover letter templates when creating your cover letter to accompany your resume. When you’ve finished your resume and cover letter, apply for jobs here.)

5. My Perfect Resume

My Perfect Resume takes the hassle out of resume writing. Choose from several templates and follow easy prompts to create the perfect job-ready resume effortlessly. It provides professionally designed templates, industry-specific content, and customisation options to match your professional style.

Unlike other resume-building websites, MyPerfectResume offers a cover letter builder, resume-writing services, resume optimisation tools and additional resources for the job seeker.

6. comes with 24 free resume templates to choose from. You can upload your resume and work on the existing document or create one from scratch.

It provides a simple and intuitive process for creating professional resumes, allowing users to easily customise them. With its focus on aesthetics and ease of use, offers a unique and visually appealing approach to resume building.

7. is an online resume builder that offers users a user-friendly platform to create professional resumes. It provides a wide range of resume templates, including recruiter-tested templates and 350+ occupation-specific resume examples, and offers both free and paid subscription options with various pricing plans available.

The platform offers features such as research-based writing suggestions, AI pre-written phrases, optimised resumes for applicant tracking systems (ATS), and a convenient and easy-to-use interface. includes additional tools like a photo background removal tool, an integrated job tracking board, and the ability to merge resumes and cover letters into one PDF document.

8. Resumonk

The free version of Resumonk comes with four templates and the ability to import your LinkedIn profile. A paid version will set you back by USD$29 a year but provides 17 templates and no Resumonk branding in the footer.

It also enables you to create a cover letter for each resume, a custom URL to share your resume online, and analytics to track online views. The platform also offers valuable resources, including expert tips and advice on resume writing, to enhance the quality and effectiveness of your application.

9. Resume Genius

Resume Genius is a resume-building website that provides users with a well-designed and helpful resume builder. It offers 15 modern resume templates that are highly professional and ATS-friendly, ensuring that resumes are easily parsed by applicant tracking systems.

What sets ResumeGenius apart is its use of AI to add pre-filled bullet points to the experience section, making the resume creation process fast and easy.

Unlike most resume builders, where you need to first choose a resume template of your liking before filling in details, Resume Genius gets you to upload your existing resume first, and implement them across its templates for you to visualise your resume before you decide on the best resume template for you. There are also resume samples available as references as you craft your job-winning resume.

The website charges a one-time fee of USD$2.95 for downloading a custom-built resume or a monthly fee of USD$7.95 for unlimited resumes and cover letters.

10. VisualCV

When creating a resume on VisualCV, users can choose from over 20 resume templates and have the flexibility to download the resume as a PDF or share it online. You can download a branded and free resume without purchasing any plans.

The VisualCV branding can be removed from your PDF by upgrading to VisualCV Pro. If you decide to upgrade to the Pro version (USD$12/month for a minimum of three months), you can access all templates, multiple resume versions, and the ability to export to PDF without the VisualCV branding.

The platform also provides resume writing services by certified professional resume writers and a range of career advice content on how to get a good start in your career.

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