When you’re just starting out in the job market, it can feel like it’s impossible to find a job with little-to-no experience. Particularly in today’s challenging labour conditions, it’s going to require much more resilience as it may take more time than usual. 

But while it can be tricky, recruitment and hiring continues in certain markets and industries, and there are a range of ways to ensure that you have the best chance of success.

Whether you’ve just graduated or you’ve switched professions, below are a range of tips and tricks to help you start your job search.

Take advantage of career days and expos

Attending career days and expos – whether safely in person or virtually – present a huge opportunity in the job search process and allows you to meet and network with potential employees, employers and recruiters who are looking to fill positions. 

Review upcoming events and pinpoint the ones that may be the most useful to you, as well as those where you may be able to connect with key recruiters. You can register and sign up for a host of virtual options as well.

Career days and expos often provide the best opportunity for new graduates and entry level job seekers to get their foot in the door. 

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Build your online presence

Before you begin applying for roles, it is important to review your entire digital footprint. Make sure you are represented professionally online and ensure there are no surprises that may reduce your chance of getting a job. Recruiters and internal HR teams often check and examine candidates’ social media accounts as part of the interview process.

While you are at it, ensure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and succinctly covers your experience and interests. Complete your profile with a professional interest summary, photo and any relevant experience.

Get active and expand your online network

Once your LinkedIn profile is refreshed, take the time to reach out and connect with various contacts at key employers. It’s also a great tool to connect with alumni. Don’t hesitate to reconnect with any connections you may have met at various online or virtual career days and expos. It’s good practice to update your profile and post consistently to stay visible. 

Apply for and take advantage of internships

Many companies offer internship programs to students and recent graduates.Internships are a great way to get your foot in the door and help you understand the industry you’re interested in. They also help you build up critical skills and practical experience that you’ll need in any role, entry level or otherwise. Additionally, they allow you to connect with a range of peers and potential colleagues. 

Internships are also often the stepping stone to a contract or permanent role should you show promise. If you do land an internship, work on showing initiative day-to-day and proving your value to the company.

Take the time to learn and upskill

During your job search, it’s worth finding online certifications or courses that will help elevate your application. Take advantage of free courses to build on your soft skills as well as other key skills employers look for. All of this can be helpful for anyone getting started in the job market.

Starting out in your career or looking for a graduate job? Look no further. Begin your search today.

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