IT Project Manager

IT Project Managers play a crucial role in any business organisation. They will oversee and organise the adoption, implementation, and smooth operation of all aspects of the company’s IT infrastructure.

This can include relatively standard software packages all the way up to overly complex hardware and software installations and deployment that affect every aspect of the organisation’s functionality. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is often a key part of the role in improving efficiency across the enterprise.

IT Project Manager Job Description

IT Project Managers are some of the most important professionals in the modern workplace.

An IT Project Manager is responsible for monitoring, tracking and recording day-to-day project progress. These key duties help them create a comprehensive view of any given project’s development timeline, and provide the critical insights required to keep members of the team (and wider organisation) informed and aligned.

A project management professional must possess a very specific skill set that blends well with strategies from business analysis, risk management and change management.

As work environments become increasingly complex and multifaceted, this blend of skills is becoming even more integral to effectively delivering on an IT Project Manager position description.

IT Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities - What does an IT Project Manager do?

There is a comprehensive range of IT Project Manager responsibilities including:

  • Leading project planning meetings with senior management, departmental heads, and relevant team members
  • Ensuring projects are completed in full, within budget and in line with pre-determined timescales
  • Overseeing the progress of projects and reporting potential issues to the appropriate people
  • Commissioning and interpreting relevant paperwork, including contracts, blueprints, drawings and more
  • Working alongside clients, stakeholders, suppliers, and contractors to streamline processes
  • Reviewing completed installations to improve the implementation of future projects
  • Managing teams of individuals both within the company and without, to maximise performance and minimise potential problems
  • Understanding any relevant legislation, both locally and internationally, that can affect the legality of IT project implementation

IT Project Manager salary and remuneration - How much does an IT Project Manager make?

Curious about your IT Project Manager salary in Australia?

As befits a senior role in a high-powered, often stressful, environment, an IT Project Manager can expect to command a very good salary, often with an excellent benefits package attached.

It's common for those in IT Project Manager jobs to earn from $125,000 - $145,000 annually. This figure is significantly higher than their counterparts in other industries with project management roles often paying up to 40% more.

Therefore, it is clear that IT Project Managers are compensated well for their expertise and awareness of the complexities of managing technology solutions. Companies appreciate the organisational skills needed to take a project from idea to implementation and rely heavily on IT Project Managers for their substantial input and expertise.

Keep in mind that salaries will depend on experience and the parameters of the actual role, but overall, the rewards can be impressive.

Qualifications and technical skills - How to become an IT Project Manager?

With both IT and Project management skills being relevant to the role of an IT project managing there are a range of qualifications that can be relevant for the role.

IT Qualifications can include Microsoft or Cisco certifications while those from a support background may have CompTIA, or equivalent, certification.

A working knowledge of the project management methodologies commonly used in IT such as Agile, Waterfall and Scrum is also required. Similar positions include the likes of Program Manager, Operations Manager, and IT Planner.

The qualities you will need

Becoming an IT Project Manager is more than just having the technical skills for the job. It requires a unique set of qualifications in order to not only make sound decisions, but also manage teams and lead with confidence. Those looking to pursue a career in this field should have a keen understanding of everything from processes and project cycles, to providing direction and support for development teams.

That being said, successful IT Project Managers will usually have several years of experience in such a role, as well as formal qualifications in a discipline like engineering, computer science, business administration or business management.

There are several personal qualities that will help you in this role. You’ll be able to perform to the highest standard even when the stress levels are high, and you’ll be adept at seeing the big picture. Attention to detail is a must, and a methodical approach will be a major advantage.

Good communications skills are a must with this role, whether you’re reporting on the progress of projects with company directors or dealing with a supply chain that isn’t doing what it should. There will be times when your leadership skills will be put to the test, so the ability to remain calm under pressure will be a great help. In addition to this, you’ll need to know when to lead from the front and when to delegate.

Being able to focus and manage your own and the team's time when there are many plates spinning is of course part of the definition of an IT Project Manager.

Demand For IT Project Managers in Australia

Project Manager roles are predicted to increase significantly in the next five years, with 12,000 positions already available across Australia. This growth is an exciting opportunity for individuals looking to secure a lasting career in project management.

Career development - What is the next step after IT Project Manager (IT PM)?

Progressing in a career as an IT Project Manager (IT PM) can prove to be both challenging and rewarding. As the technology field continues to grow, so do the potential prospects for IT professionals.

IT Project Manager jobs are available at junior, intermediary and senior levels, and the most experienced individuals will often be working as Senior or Lead IT Project Managers. Beyond this level, career progressions would be an IT Director, Head of IT or even a Chief Technical Officer (CTO).

To move forward in your career as an experienced Project Manager, it is essential to stay up-to-date on industry trends, refine existing skills, and build new ones. After managing an IT Project Team, possible next steps include expanding into senior roles such as an enterprise solution architect or a head of IT business services delivery.

Other paths may include transitioning into project management leadership roles such as a project portfolio manager or assuming more senior strategic projects positions like a program director.

With ambition and sustained career development efforts, the opportunities within the sector are infinite and allow for professionals to specialise in their chosen area of practice while delivering success on global projects.

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