As technology continues to bring about rapid change, the nature of human resources (HR) roles is changing too. HR has long been one of the most vital departments of burgeoning businesses, with the role of HR professionals to oversee the promotion of a positive working atmosphere. This, in turn, means employees are happy, loyal, productive and thorough in their work.

Typically the roles of HR professionals revolve around the hiring process, payroll and the management of employees, ensuring they are comfortable and well-catered for. In 2019 however, HR jobs will need to adapt to coming changes to the work landscape. Amid this shift, what will come under the responsibility of an HR department in the years to come? Here are five key areas to keep an eye on:

  • Hiring

New technology is causing workplace disruption in a multitude of job roles. Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used in the hiring process, which whittles dozens of applicants down to a shortlist before face-to-face interviewing even begins. This means HR in-trays will be mercifully clear and the interviewing process can be freed from potential bias based on extraneous factors such as appearance. However, it will be the responsibility of the HR professional to analyse and maintain this process, working to ensure the right candidates are being filtered through.

  • Feedback

Recent studies into millennial workers have found the younger demographic seek out more appraisal and feedback compared to previous generations. Catering to this desire, it will increasingly become the HR professional’s role to ensure this feedback is provided. New technology can help with this too; with the right tools it will soon be possible for teams to deal out regular HR resources and benefits, with up-to-date feedback at any desired level – from entire projects to individual tasks.

  • Employee retention

Millennials are also more likely to leave a profession they are unhappy in and will typically do so within a shorter period of time. In addition, they will stay at one company for less time, usually hopping from jobs every one to three years. This means a strong HR strategy is required to retain existing employees through unique benefits and enticing packages. Interestingly, studies have found millennials are more interested in experience-based rewards as opposed to financial, so HR departments will need to create and offer incentive schemes that may revolve around travel, dining or workplace flexibility.

  • Employee support

In the past, HR may have been created primarily for the benefit of management. However, as freelance work becomes commonplace and job-hopping is more openly accepted, a weak or distant HR team will guarantee employees won’t stick around for long. By working closer with employees, as opposed to functioning as a shield for management, HR can empower workers and grow talent within the business.

  • Change guidance

HR isn’t the only role that’s changing. As workplace disruption spreads through every industry, HR will be a crucial element in making sure that the transition into a tech-heavy future – where many old responsibilities are automated – is a smooth one. Empathy will be necessary to ensure employees feel secure as their roles change over the coming years. Furthermore, a strong HR responsibility will be to ensure all company changes are clear, and that their company’s goals and vision is well-understood by all.

By factoring these changes into HR’s responsibility within a company, any business will be ready to take the leap into the future and reap the rewards.


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