If there’s anything the highly competitive job market is telling us today, it’s that sieving out the ideal job candidate is far from what it used to be. The simple task of posting a job advert on online job portals has now morphed into a full-scale digital contest that requires man-hours, resources, money and a snazzy-looking website.

Getting the attention of the right job candidates has become a skill that few companies have managed to get right. Time, however, equals money, and recruiting the right talent for your job should not be a difficult task.

This is where we, at Michael Page, come in. Whether you’re thinking about expanding your team, or simply want to draw on the untapped potential of young recruits, here’s how we can help make the hiring process seamless and, most importantly, effective.

Access to high-quality candidates

A recruitment agency is only as good as its experience and network of candidates. With a total of 149 offices in 37 countries worldwide, as well as over 40 years of recruiting knowledge under our belt, we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to even the most specialist markets.

Our in-house research team and senior consultants are constantly mapping out markets at a local, regional and global level, so they have a pool of highly-skilled, pre-screened and pre-referenced candidates at their disposal — which makes it easier to pinpoint the exact individual you and your team are looking for.

Saving precious time

Our extensive pool of professionals, with their innate understanding of both candidates’ needs and recruiters’ requirements, can shorten the time it takes for you to fill your vacant positions — especially in niche disciplines where exceptional talents are few and far between.

The hiring process can also be extremely time-consuming, and a recruitment agency will do the extra legwork of screening each candidate for interest and comparability before handing them over to you for consideration. This includes ensuring the candidates’ information is accurate by following up on references and conducting preliminary interviews.

Candidates who are highly selective or not actively job seeking are also notoriously hard to find. This can be due to a number of reasons that range from being too busy to search for jobs to simply not being sufficiently enticed by current job advertisements. Employing specialist consultants who are experts in their industries, Michael Page has a higher chance of leveraging its extensive global network to connect you to candidates with the right skill sets and experiences, many of whom might be way off the radar of in-house hiring teams.

Market knowledge

Through conversations with both organisations and candidates, recruiters are able to gain knowledge about the sector they are dealing with and can provide valuable advice to both parties. Knowledge of current salary rates, career expectations and market trends is also key to ensuring that either side is satisfied, which adds to the assurance that both parties will be committed for the long haul.

At Michael Page, we specialise in advising top companies in many of the most sought-after employment sectors globally. We cover professions ranging from technology and healthcare to banking and financial services. To find out more about these sectors and many others, explore our Recruitment Expertise here.

Company representation

Partnering closely with recruitment agencies like Michael Page can give potential candidates a better insight into your business. Like ambassadors, they can represent your company as an employer of choice, with a finely-honed ability to communicate your firm’s benefits, job descriptions and workplace culture, making the position even more attractive to your dream candidate.

A seasoned recruitment partner will also be incredibly valuable when it comes to clarifying any points that may arise from public platforms like Glassdoor, as well as social media.

Candidates > Applicants

Most job adverts are aimed at attracting applicants, many of whom end up applying on a whim. The problem is that many such applicants are not strong matches for the role, resulting in a lot of time invested in assessing, filtering and communicating with these hopefuls.

Because recruiters like Michael Page place priority on you, the employer, only strongly aligned candidates who have been pre-selected, and are worthy of consideration and interview, are thrust into the spotlight. This allows the organisation to only focus on a smaller pool of highly qualified interviewees, which translates into a far better candidate experience – a significant factor for job seekers when choosing a new employer. This positive employer branding makes it easier to attract talent far and wide.

Planning ahead

It’s important to look to the future. This means creating the right foundation to make hiring more efficient and facilitating workforce scaling when needed. Michael Page supports companies by providing a dedicated accounts team that will help you plan for the short, medium and long term so that you always stay one step ahead.

We also provide a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution that can help when multiple hires are needed across different locations at various levels so that you always stay one step ahead of the competition without the added stress of needing additional resources.

The candidate-driven job market is a tricky one to navigate, but any discerning employee will attest that using the right recruitment agency makes the hiring process an easy — even enjoyable — experience for both potential hires and the firm.

Start a hiring conversation with Michael Page to find out how you, too, can reap the many benefits of a leading global recruitment agency.

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