The digital revolution has flooded the marketing world with game-changing technologies and new ways of working. This massive upheaval has created an industry disruption unlike anything marketers have seen before. These changes have also caused a massive jump in the number of marketing jobs available, and while working in digital can be challenging with so much going on, it can also be hugely rewarding.

If you’re looking to launch a career in marketing, you can start by learning all about the current industry and its roles. You can find a more in-depth discussion of these topics with this guide from AMI, but for the abridged version, read on.  

Marketing: What’s happening right now

There is one trait a modern marketer needs to survive in today’s digital economy—adaptability. Those working in marketing jobs must find ways to promote cinemas when online streaming services are readily available, they must ensure people visit brick and mortar stores when buying online is as easy as clicking a few buttons, and they must be able to help entrepreneurs grow from the ground up.

Being able to meet these changes and challenges head-on will make the difference in your marketing career. Thinking outside the box to find solutions to problems that never existed before will be a cornerstone in your success story.

About marketing jobs

Marketers play an essential role in every company, supporting many aspects of a brand’s operations. Marketers will oversee everything from social media, direct marketing, CX, content, guerrilla marketing, automation, public relations, digital strategies, and more.

Regardless of the company or the range of activities a marketer undertakes, all marketing jobs are focused on:

  • Product potential
  • Audience engagement
  • Segment purchase decisions

How can those in marketing jobs succeed?

A successful marketer is one who can decipher just what the customer wants, then find ways to cut through all the other media clutter and deliver that product or service to the customer. It takes empathy, creativity, and the knowledge to judge the best way to communicate your message and execute your strategy.

Where can you find marketing jobs?

Whether you’re after something more traditional, or are looking at digital marketing jobs, there are a number of fields can consider for your marketing career:

  • Advertising
  • Direct marketing
  • Events marketing
  • Market research
  • Content marketing
  • Relationship marketing
  • Public relations
  • Digital marketing
  • Sponsorships

Common titles for marketing jobs in Australia

Marketers tend to wear many hats at once, but whether you’re looking at digital marketing jobs in Sydney or public relations roles in Perth, it’s likely these positions will have one of these common overarching job titles:

  • Marketing strategist
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Marketing assistant
  • Marketing executive
  • Chief marketing officer (CMO)
  • Marketing director
  • Marketing communications coordinator
  • Marketing planner
  • Marketing manager
  • Marketing consultant, officer or representative
  • Market analyst

This list is certainly not a complete catalogue of marketing roles, but it is an introduction to the main jobs you might expect in the industry.

Kickstart your marketing career

Regardless of which marketing speciality you have your eye on, modern marketing roles will all start in the same place: tertiary education. University or TAFE education provides a stepping stone into many marketing jobs, as most employers will prefer a formal education for entry-level positions.

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