Saturday marked the end of Refugee Week 2017, an annual event dating back to 1986 that aims to raise awareness around the issues affecting asylum seekers and refugees here in Australia.

In 2015, Australia offered 9,399 refugees resettlement opportunities; per capita, that ranks Australia fourth among countries resettling refugees, according to the Refugee Council. Refugees who have recently settled in Australia face instability and economic insecurity, particularly as they transition into the work force.

Fortunately, there are a number of Australian companies, including Michael Page, who aim to help refugees and asylum seekers coming to our shores. Here’s how some businesses are offering assistance:

Michael Page runs workshop for Asylum Seekers Centre

Michael Page recently hosted a workshop in association with the Asylum Seekers Centre, where some of our recruitment experts presented to a group of asylum seekers acclimating to life here in Australia.

“As part of our ‘Giving Back’ program, PageGroup has partnered with the Asylum Seekers Centre in Newtown for the second consecutive year, to help give back to the community by providing practical help for people less fortunate than ourselves. This is a topic which is close to many consultants’ hearts, as we have employees who work for us, whose families have been Asylum Seekers,” said Ripesh Damania, Director, Page Personnel.

During the course of the presentation, recruiters discussed the important aspects of Australian work culture, as well as how asylum seekers could build their own personal brand to help them get ahead.

They also went over best practices for job seekers, and provided advice on how to look sharp for an interview. The group ended the day running over interview prep and what interviewers look for in an interview.

“The system is a little different here, so I need to know where I’m landing, to know the people, to know where I can direct myself into other professions,” said one of the attendees to the workshop. “To understand from others what the hurdles are that we may face and how to be ready for them.”

Attendees also had the chance to meet one-on-one with Michael Page recruitment experts to ask questions about their personal situation, as well as share their own career goals. Efforts to assist resulted in one of the attendees receiving a job offer soon after the session. "The workshop at Michael Page gave me strength and my confidence back to present well at my interview," she said.

“I would love to gain more knowledge which would enable me to work with my country’s deaf and mute ministry from here,” said another attendee. The hope is that discussing such goals with recruitment experts from Michael Page will help these individuals acclimatise to life in Australia and ease some of the instability that comes with the immigration process.

What other Australian businesses are doing

There are a number of Australian businesses, big and small, that have gone out of their way to help refugees and asylum seekers in need. In fact, just last month the NSW government announced a new initiative that gives $6.83 million a year for the next four years to help refugees and asylum seekers join the workforce, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

The move will provide refugees and asylum seekers with internships, scholarships, and training programmes, while also connecting them with businesses around the state. The package has the support of such big names in Australian business as Telstra, Harvey Norman, IAG, and Australia Post.

Michael Page will continue to find ways to support refugees and asylum seekers around Australia. If you or someone you know has recently arrived in Australia, and wishes to be a part of the next workshop, they can get in touch with the Asylum Seekers Centre to obtain more information. 


Michael Page is just one of many companies helping asylum seekers acclimatise to life here in Australia. We recently held a workshop with the Asylum Seekers Centre where we:

  • Provided interview advice and tips
  • Discussed working culture in Australia
  • Provided one-on-one support for asylum seekers to effectively approach job searches and interviews  
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