Despite a relatively small CBD in comparison to its interstate counterparts, this Australian state capital is becoming more and more popular every year. With a growing business culture and a climate many people find pleasant, it’s not hard to see why so many are eager to get into Brisbane’s job market.

Though Queensland’s capital city may not be as populous as Sydney or Melbourne, temporary staff in Brisbane are in high demand. In fact, with less competition thanks to a smaller pool of candidates, Brisbane is ideal for temporary workers looking to get their start in a new field.

With the Brisbane River flowing through it, this city, home of the Gabba and Suncorp Stadium, is not only a sports-lovers’ paradise, but a semi-tropical retreat for many holiday-makers. Since the city is close to the world-famous Gold Coast, there are often Brisbane temp jobs available in the leisure, hospitality and accommodation sectors.

Popular temp jobs in Brisbane

While high annual turnover does mean contracting jobs in Brisbane are frequently available, many temp jobs hold the potential for full-time work.

If you’re not interested in service-based industries, there are still plenty of opportunities based in the city’s thriving CBD. Brisbane’s centre is easily walkable and a coveted place to work, and contracting jobs in Brisbane often offer immediate starts with salaries similar to those in other major cities.

Tips for contractors in Brisbane

If this smaller city with a slower pace is the right fit for you, there are a few things to do before you begin your search for a temp job in Brisbane.

Double-check that you have:

  • Polished up your resume, making sure it is up to date with your most recent work experience and lists your key skills as a temporary worker.
  • Researched the job market for contractors in Brisbane and know the general market salary for temps in your field.
  • Familiarised yourself with the layout of this riverside city so that if the time does come for that ever important interview, you arrive with plenty of time to prepare.
  • Made a list of what you value in a contracting job, including wages, benefits and company culture.

Think you’re ready to start looking for temporary jobs in Brisbane? Review our resources for contractors and get in touch today.