Voted “The World's Most Liveable City” five years in a row, there’s a reason so many companies set up shop in Victoria’s capital. Fortunately, this means Melbourne temp jobs are not hard to come by.

To keep up with the influx of people looking to make Melbourne their home, there are new contracting jobs opening up daily across a wide variety of industries.

While Melbourne’s CBD is still the centre for business, the city has grown rapidly and contractors in Melbourne are no longer tied to the city centre. Today, many of the city’s trendiest suburbs are labelled as 'inner-city' hubs, meaning contractors in Melbourne can find a job and culture that’s right for them.

Melbourne is a big city that boasts a rich culture and plenty of social opportunities. With a bustling nightlife, a café and restaurant scene that can’t be beaten and plenty of art exhibits and festivals, Melbourne is the perfect place for contractors who enjoy a sophisticated lifestyle.

Popular temp jobs in Melbourne

The relatively new Docklands and Crown Casino precincts have brought a number of major companies to Melbourne, particularly in the hospitality sectors. Beyond that, there are contractor jobs in the financial and marketing sectors, as well as retail, entertainment and IT.

As is typical, customer service and office administration temporary workers in Melbourne will have plenty of options. However, if your speciality is in a more highly skilled, complex and hands-on field, there are still many opportunities thanks to the high number of businesses headquartered in Victoria.

While virtually every major job sector is represented in Melbourne, there is a particular need for temp workers in HR, engineering and manufacturing.

Tips for contractors in Melbourne

Melbourne has so many opportunities to offer those looking for temporary work, but to give yourself the best possible chance in this competitive field, be sure to:

  • Spend time making sure your resume is up to date and eye-catching before sending it off to potential employers.
  • Craft a memorable but straight to the point cover letter that encapsulates why you are the right person for this particular temp job in Melbourne.
  • Familiarise yourself with the grid-like structure of Melbourne's city limits so that when you land an interview, you arrive with plenty of time to spare.
  • Don't limit yourself to the CBD area - many employers of contractors in Melbourne are based in inner or outer city suburbs.

For more guidance on how to land the perfect contracting job, check out our resources for contractors, or get in touch today.