Western Australia’s capital city, Perth, may be the most far-flung of our nation’s capitals, but it’s an ideal location for contractors looking for work. Perth has long been a base for Australia’s booming mining industry, but in recent years the city has seen an influx of newcomers thanks to its higher-than-normal wages and growing urban culture.

Set against the banks of the Swan River, the quiet CBD of this city is a popular draw card for temporary workers in Perth. With Cottesloe Beach on its doorstep, Rottnest Island a popular local day trip away and the stunning Margaret River winery region within reach in just a few hours’ drive, Perth has so much to offer temp workers.

Perth is also one of the most culturally diverse capital cities in Australia, making it an excellent choice for international Perth contractors looking for their first job in the country. With new businesses expanding into Perth every day, there’s no shortage of temporary work available.

Popular temp jobs in Perth

With a dominant commercial centre within the city's CBD, contractor jobs in Perth are on the rise.

Due to the number of tourist attractions located just beyond Perth, as well as its proximity to a number of popular Asian countries for tourists, temp workers with a solid background in the travel industry are highly sought after.

Jobs in customer service, accounts payable and administration are common, and for those in more senior positions within the human resources, finance, recruitment or property industries, Perth is an excellent destination.

Temp jobs in Perth are becoming more and more common as the city swells to accommodate its growing population, so doing your research and knowing exactly what experience is in demand will be critical to your success.

Tips for contractors in Perth

Perth is a great choice for contractors located in this city already, or those looking to relocate to its golden shores. Before you put your all into finding the perfect contractor job in Perth, be certain you have:

  • Updated your resume with your most recent experience and made sure it outlines your strengths and capabilities in the temp field.
  • Done your research on the employment climate for temp workers in Perth and applied for roles that have job descriptions matching your key technical and transferable skills.
  • Rehearsed how you will answer set questions aimed at contractors once you get an interview.
  • Made a list of what matters most to you in a temporary job so that you can find the right fit in terms of workload and office culture.

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