Boosting your educational achievements
Your industry knowledge and experience are important elements to help develop the professional skills employers are looking for in an employee. Undergoing post-graduate study, participating in training opportunities, speaking with industry professionals and developing transferable skills are some of the ways you can gain more practical experience and help to boost your professional and educational achievements.

Engage in post-graduate study

Enrolling in a course that will enhance your knowledge of the profession you are currently working in will improve your expertise. If you choose a particular field of study you can use this specialist understanding to help you to excel in the relevant industry and further progress your career. Combining knowledge in a practical setting and developing skills at work will help to achieve a well rounded educational understanding of your profession.

Participate in training opportunities

Engaging in training and development can help to further build your technical skills and educate yourself in areas you would like to improve on. Attend seminars, workshops and short courses to develop your industry knowledge. Distance and online training programs are also a good option as they allow you to study at your own pace and then apply your learning in a practical setting in your current workplace. If you are a student, acquiring an internship will allow you to put your knowledge to practice with on-the-job experience.

Speak with fellow professionals

Another way to build on your current skills and knowledge is through less formal means of education. For example, networking provides fresh ideas and new information that will give you intelligent insights on industry trends. You can also be mentored by an experienced colleague that can help you to improve your understanding of your profession and performance at work.

Develop transferable skills

Acquiring a broad range of soft skills that complement your educational expertise in any profession will help to improve your chances of securing a job opportunity. These types of skills include teamwork, initiative, communication, problem solving and planning. Soft skills can be practiced through activities that exercise these skills, for example writing an article, participating in new projects, taking on a leadership role and undertaking voluntary work.


A strong candidate has professional experience and educational achievements that complement one another. Continuous learning will give you an advantage in your job search, and there are many ways to boost your education, such as:

  • Enrolling in post-graduate courses
  • Seeking out training opportunities
  • Networking with fellow professionals
  • Developing soft skills through hobbies
  • Volunteering to round out your professional expertise
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