Working from home allows Australians all over the country to stay safe and comply with health orders, save time spent on commuting and travel costs, stay super focused on tasks without the distractions of an office, and feel comfortable being in their own space.

There are many benefits to working remotely, so it may be no surprise to learn that once the shift was accelerated by the global pandemic, new studies have revealed a strong, resounding preference: that Australians expect this trend to continue and that workers believe employers will support work from home arrangements post-COVID.

While many jobs require a face-to-face presence at a worksite or workplace, there are many career opportunities that work well in a work from home setting. How can you join this growing wave of workers? Here are eight work from home jobs in Australia that could be your next career move.

Audio transcriber

An audio transcriber, also known as an audio transcriptionist, is someone that is tasked with accurately transcribing audio files. It includes everything from interviews to telephone conversations.

This role demands an excellent level of attention to detail, a fast and accurate typing speed, and the ability to organise your time. You may also be required to do spelling and grammar checks for other transcribers. And since all of this work only requires a laptop and internet connection, you can complete all your work from home.

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Graphic designer

Do graphic designers work from home? In many cases, yes.

Experienced graphic designers may be able to find work from home jobs in Australia, as you don’t always need to be in the office to work on projects and listen to client feedback. You may be required to visit the office for occasional meetings, briefings, or presentations, but generally speaking, most graphic designer roles come with the flexibility to work from home at least some of the time.

Content writer

Do you have a penchant for words? Content agencies and companies are constantly on the lookout for skilled writers. This is certainly one of those jobs where working from home is a real possibility, as most tasks can be submitted online – via email, added to a cloud drive, or directly uploaded onto a CMS platform or publishing site.

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Video editor

If you’ve got the skills to create engaging stories from videos, then you could work as a video editor from the comfort of your own home. You’ll need to be able to work with the appropriate software, create effects, make creative decisions, work to briefs, and deal with feedback.

You may be able to find video editing work on a freelance basis, or work full time for a specific company.

Travel consultant

While travel remains on pause for the time being, due to border closures and lockdowns, the need and appetite for travel remains strong. Given this context and the improvements in technology, it’s less common these days for travellers to visit an actual travel agency to plan their next holiday – especially for corporate travellers. Instead, clients are getting in touch with travel agencies over the phone, via email, and by videoconferencing tools such as Zoom. This has created an opening for some travel consultants to work from home.

If you have experience in this field and know the ins and outs of the tourism industry, you may be able to secure a position where you can set up an office in your own home, and only visit the real office occasionally.

Software developer

Software developers specialise in creating and updating software and applications, either for the company they work for or for a range of clients. Common responsibilities include writing and maintaining code, debugging application errors, and writing and updating technical documentation and user manuals.

Because most of a software developer’s work happens online, many of these professionals work from home either part time or full time.

Database administrator

Database administrators, or DBAs, are responsible for planning, designing, developing and maintaining a company's database. This can include creating and maintaining data backups,  testing databases, troubleshooting, ensuring business continuity procedures are in place and implementing security controls.

Typically, much of a database administrator’s work is carried out through the cloud or via digital applications, and as such many of these professionals have the opportunity to work from home regularly.


Bookkeepers’ responsibilities can be relatively broad but generally involve helping clients keep their finances intact by monitoring accounts, cash flow, transactions, and reports.

With most finance tools and software now hosted in the cloud, bookkeepers have the flexibility to maintain and update clients’ accounts from anywhere. The same goes for related finance professionals such as accountants and financial advisers.

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