There is no doubt the world of work continues to change rapidly, and technology professionals have been the heart of the shift to flexible work.

According to a report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, independent contractors make up just under 10% of the employed population, at over a million contract workers across Australia.

And when it comes to the technology contracting trend, temp technology recruitment at Michael Page was the least impacted market across the country during COVID-19, as business hiring intentions turned to contract work. With a level of uncertainty in the market and an emphasis on change and transformation, employers have been more inclined to hire specifically skilled professionals for short-term assignments to deliver on work they have a line of sight on. This allows employers more flexibility when it comes to notice periods, extending contracts and transitioning contractors from temporary to permanent. 

Here’s what you should know about the exciting opportunities for contract technology professionals.

A changing world and the bright light for contractors

Information technology and communication professionals have long been known to favour interesting and often unexplored areas of work. Google, Facebook and Microsoft are all leading technology companies that employ hundreds of thousands of contract workers across the globe.

Contract work can be appealing because it often offers a lot of flexibility in working hours, the ability to work remotely and explore and understand new opportunities. This was further highlighted when COVID-19 altered the way of work for the foreseeable future.

Contracting work or temporary work has seen a surge in growth in recent years, and this provides benefits for employees and employers alike. As a contractor, you can try out new industries, improve your skills and work on a range of projects, wherever you may be in the world. For businesses, it is also compelling especially with the recent need for cost saving and risk reduction, making it a win-win.

Technology professionals and the contracting opportunity

Google is no stranger to contract and temp workers, employing over 130,000 of them across the world and in various roles. This exceeds the company’s number of permanent employees. Like many technology companies including Facebook and Microsoft, Google utilises contract workers for a range of jobs including content moderation and software testing. 

In a job market that is now largely uncertain due to COVID-19, skilled technology professionals are more in demand on a contract basis.

One reason for this is that technology contractors are useful for helping fill urgent hiring gaps. Hiring on a contract basis is great for both parties as it allows flexibility and speed on projects. Onboarding skilled tech contractors is often a much easier process, as they fulfill a role with ease due to their specialised expertise. 

Grow your tech skillset

Being multi-disciplined is often a key consideration for a hiring manager, and technology professionals hired on a contract basis are often able to work on and help deliver a range of projects. This is especially beneficial for upskilling and growing your skillset.

Overall, contract work across all areas of technology jobs and the general profession are booming across Australia with no signs of slowing down.

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