Whether you’re seeking a promotion, negotiating a pay rise or changing careers, staying on top of salary trends can help you make the best decision for the future of your career.

Also in light of the pandemic, many workers who were let go or had their hours cut reassessed their career paths, with some looking at what are the highest paying jobs in Australia as a starting point, in order to make up for lost income or to start a new chapter with a well paid job.

In our new report, Talent Trends 2021, we provide fresh insights and market sentiment for key areas and challenges in the world of work – going beyond what we provided in our past salary guides.

Below, we reveal the highest paying jobs in Australia, based off our salary tool, which uses our proprietary data from real placements made at PageGroup.

In 2020, few industries were left unaffected by the coronavirus pandemic and as a result, many lost their jobs or had their hours cut significantly. However, there were silver linings amid the uncertainty – a number of Australian businesses continued to hire new staff and offer high-paid roles across technology, construction and financial services.

Further, the legal sector claims the top spot for the highest salaries, with General Counsel positions ranking at the top of the list. General Counsel positions with less than a years’ experience are still falling well into the six figures.

Project Managers in construction also remain one of the highest income jobs, earning an average of $350,000 annually. Meanwhile, Portfolio Managers in the IT sector have made their way into the top earners, bringing in an average annual salary of $280,000.

While some high paying roles remain similar to the previous year, it’s difficult to ignore the impact technology had on Australian workers in 2020. With an increased focus on remote work, tracking and communication solutions, interest and investment into this sector has grown rapidly as reflected in the data. A surge in demand for leadership roles in the IT sector has also led to a boost in salary, with many of these roles making their way up the list in comparison to previous years.

Workplace trends also appear to have evolved over the past year, with many organisations incorporating more agile working policies, allowing employees to have more control over where and when they work. Flexible work arrangements can impact salary rates, but work/life balance is a now high priority consideration for many Australians, given the lasting effects of the pandemic on remote work arrangements, mental health and the trend of blended work.

Here are the top paying jobs in Australia in 2021.

10. Head of Compliance (Legal

Average salary: $277,500

9. Portfolio Manager (Information Technology

Average salary: $280,000

8. Chief Financial Officer (Finance

Average salary: $280,000

7. Head of Technology (Information Technology)

Average salary: $300,000

6. Chief Technology Officer (Information Technology)

Average salary: $300,000

5. Investment Director (Finance

Average salary: $300,000

4. Head of Operations (Mining)

Average salary: $325,000

3. Company Secretary (Legal

Average salary: $342,500

2. General Manager/Project Manager (Construction)

Average salary: $350,000

1. In-house General Counsel (ASX 100)

Average salary range: $300,000 to $500,000.

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