What led you to recruitment from your background in sales?

I had spent most of my working life in hospitality sales and frankly was sick of the lack of progression available even within the largest hotels brands. I was looking for an opportunity to join an industry and more importantly, an organisation with a global reach and realistic career progression. After being approached by a friend who was a consultant with PageGroup, I decided to try my hand at recruitment.

What have been the biggest challenges and how have you overcome them?

I started with PageGroup in 2011 as a consultant in the NSW Sales team. I had the opportunity to work in several different sales verticals including Industrial & Technical and Business Services, however, I excelled in the e-Commerce and Digital Media sales vertical.

After a little less than two years, I had built the Media Sales desk into a self-sustaining sales business and was promoted into a Senior Consultant role. As a Senior Consultant, I was given the opportunity to start leading team initiatives and developing some of the more junior consultants.

I spent the next two years growing and developing the team and essentially taking over the Business & Professional Services Sales business. With the help of my team, we managed to develop our business into a very profitable part of the NSW Sales team and I was officially appointed as the team Manager in 2015.

In mid-2016, my sales team was performing well and the consultants working in the team were fairly self-sufficient. In May 2016 I approached my Director to take over our Western Sydney Sales team in addition to my current team. I now manage two Sales businesses and am starting to grow our Industrial & Technical Sales team in addition to the well established Business Services team.

One of the major differences in my roles at PageGroup compared to my time working in hotels in the structure and support I have from all levels of the business. The leaders of our business are genuinely excited about developing their teams and progression is a very genuine thing. I also have a young family so the ability to have some more flexibility in my professional life is another added perk!

What skills from your background in sales helped with your transition into recruitment?

Having worked in Sales for a selection of top hotels prior to joining Michael Page, I learned that customer service is key to a successful sales career. Finding out what the customer’s requirements are before pitching a product/service is vital to a smooth sale and lasting relationship. Michael Page operates in a highly competitive environment and it’s our service and attention to our clients and candidates that set us apart from the rest of the industry.

What is most rewarding about your job?

Of course personal progression is a great thing, however, one of the most rewarding things about my role is seeing my consultants and broader teams develop. I work with two great teams who are all passionate about the business, to see them succeed is awesome.

What advice would you give someone with a sales background who wanted a job in recruitment?

The job of a consultant at PageGroup is genuinely a great place to develop your career. There is a lot of hard work and frankly a lot of ups and downs, however, we do have a lot of fun too. The only advice I would have for anybody looking to join PageGroup is that you only get what you put in. There is a lot of hard work required, however, the rewards are worth it. For anybody committed to developing your career and growing professionally, PageGroup is a great place to be.