Talent development

Determined to learn

Developing our people is a key pillar of our culture at PageGroup and is critical to the success of our business. That’s why we take it seriously. PageGroup offers a clear and transparent career journey and provides the support and development needed for people to reach their potential. Our approach to training delivery is multi-faceted, including a variety of learning formats that are flexible, dynamic and cater for all the different ways people like to learn.
From the moment our people join us, whatever their level of experience, there’s a clear development pathway all the way to the top, starting with our global on-boarding programme which brings new starters quickly up to speed on who we are, what we do, our values and how best to grow their business.
“My training was really intensive but invaluable. Learning on the job is also essential.
You have to share the responsibility for learning.”

Global Onboarding Program

Learning begins on day one and continues throughout your career with Page. Whether you’re new to recruitment or an experienced recruitment consultant, from the moment you join you’ll receive support on-the-job from your manager, participate in training workshops, and have access to a variety of on demand eLearning modules. Our comprehensive onboarding program will quickly bring you up to speed on who we are, what we do, our values and will make your transition to PageGroup as seamless as possible.
If you’re new to recruitment, you will learn the fundamental skills and knowledge required to succeed in your new role. If you’re an experienced hire, we aim to build on your existing knowledge and get you up to speed with the key models we use at PageGroup.

Journey to Unleash Managers Potential (JUMP)

This 3-part program seeks to support future and existing managers in building the competencies required to lead high performing and inclusive teams. The JUMP learning journey has been designed to hone the development of key skills such as coaching, feedback, planning and decision making, managing performance, and diversity and inclusion.

Essential Leadership Program

Our Leadership Development Program builds essential leadership capabilities, skills, and behaviours.
1) Improving the leadership skills required to take on and drive high performance from larger business units.
2) Develop business leadership qualities on the path to becoming Director.
3) Partner with an external executive coach to continue professional development and plan for the future.
I was very impressed with the relevance of the content and how easy it is to put into practice. Great for managers who are looking to grow in their own role and empower their teams.